Introducing Proximal Records

Proximal Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label with a mission of supporting and promoting vibrant new voices in the local electronic music community. The brain-child of L.A. natives Carl Madison Burgin, better known as Sahy Uhns, and composer/ producer Jeff Elmassian, Proximal provides a home for local artists to connect and collaborate.

More information on Proximal Records artists:
Within the laboratory of his Los Angeles studio, Sahy Uhns (pronounced Science) has been producing hip-hop and electronic music since his early teenage years, creating concoctions that could only be attributed to a scientist who has simply gone mad. Born Carl Madison Burgin, the LA native draws inspiration from west coast hip-hop culture and channels his musical energy into generating new and unique sounds – recording everywhere he goes.

Jeff Elmassian is a Grammy Award winning composer, orchestrator, conductor and musician known for his work cross genres. An LA native, he made his orchestral debut with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of twelve. Throughout his career, Elmassian has worked with such seminal artists as Afrika Bambaataa,?uestlove and David Bowie.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Benedek is a multifaceted musician who is inspired by genres including funk, hip-hop, soul, progressive rock, jazz fusion, and house music. Along his musical quest he discovered that the older artists he was listening to had a lot in common with the classic, melodic video game music and hip-hop samples he had always loved.

BearClaw is drummer and electronic music composer/arranger, Peter Gonzales. Hailing from the Big Apple, has only recently started to formulate a sound that combines instrumental performance with his disorienting and chopped sound design. With a heavy influence on “found sounds” from his extensive record collection, BearClaw’s music is filled with tape-saturated nostalgia, extra-terrestrial waveforms and hand-held Tascam recorded adventures.

Matthew Michael Ahern Hettich is Wake. Wake draws his influences from flamingos, pink and purple, Roland Tr-808 drum machines, and late night handholding sessions on the beach. Having spent his early years in Miami, Florida, Wake is a product of suntans, booty shorts, and of a lifetime of obsessing over I.D.M., hip-hop, and 1980’s electro music.

Lawrence Grey mixes sharp production and moving harmony to make bold, electronic compositions. Grey’s orchestra is comprised of synthesizers, samplers and custom software, all working together to make people dance hard and listen closely. A romantic to the core, you can feel Grey’s feverish enthusiasm in his tracks.

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