Jettie – Heading For Mornings (CD)

The dream-like pop that Jettie plays on their “Heading for Mornings” has something in common with the rich instrumentation that was such a heavy presence on the Deep Elm records from a few years ago. “Inside Your Vaults / 6.5” brings to the table a deliberate type of drumming that moves beyond the traditional time-keeping role the instrument has. “One Dance” brings a Michael Stipe-spin to Clas’ vocals and a classical style to the band’s arrangement. The incorporation of the warbling, tinny violin to a disc dominated by the deeper and darker bass and drums really allows the track to be fleshed out nicely. “Silence Knuckles & Combats” is a track that really allows the band’s instrumental intellect to shine; the vocals that are present on the track really just convey another sort of instrumentation instead of a purveyor of lyrics.

The addition of fuzz to “Heading For Morning” really removes any sharp edges from Jettie’s music and gives the disc an added amount of cohesion. The slight distance that the band holds between them and their listener is the only stumbling point for “Heading For Mornings”; by having such a smooth sound, the spontaneity that is present during the peak moment of a live set is banished. Jettie has been around the Swedish music scene for a number of years already (they have been around since 1999), and much like their regional relations Gluecifer, the band is finally getting the attention they deserve. The music may not be something that would easily go on Clearchannel radio, but Jettie’s aim for “Heading For Mornings” is not to pander to the latest indie fads of the week.

By creating a slow, meandering type of indie-rock (especially present in tracks like “Silence Knuckles & Combats), listeners are lead around by the nose until the time that Jettie wishes to release their grasp. By using influences that bridge the last twenty years of indie-music, from the aforementioned R.E.M. to The Flaming Lips and Radiohead, Jettie grounds their music in tried-and-true styles. “Heading For Mornings” is thus an extension of the groundwork laid by these influential acts. While there are not instant classics on “Heading For Mornings”, there are a slew (the disc’s ten-track salvo, in its entirety) of solid tracks that are memorable enough to continue coming back for more. Take a listen to Jettie when they have their live U.S. tour; perhaps the nagging issue present on this disc will disappear when only a small space separates the band from their audience.

Top Tracks: #4, At The Cross

Rating: 5.7/10

Jettie – Heading For Mornings / 2005 Astro Magnetics / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 14 August 2005

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