Jonuh – S/T (CD)

Jonuh’s “The Fight” starts off this EP, and what immediately results from this track is a realization that the band likes itself a LOT of Yellowcard. In fact, Yellowcard is pretty much the only influence that one can hear on this early track. To their credit, there is much more of a rock sound that is present during this opening track than what the aforementioned band typically inserted into their tracks.

The song is nearly at the level that it could be the next track with a Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy popularity. The breakdown that is present at the two-thirds point during the track is a little problematic, due to the fact that everything seems to almost end, where a less drastic slow-down would have benefited the band more. Jonuh is smart in ending the track before the four minute mark (“The Fight” ends at 3:15). This is a smart move due to the fact that the track uses a high amount of repetition to build up its energy, and any longer of a track would have made it much easier for listeners to call the song repetitious. “Our Rearview Mirror” is the next track by Jonuh to grace this CD, and builds off many of the same sounds and styles that “The Fight” began the disc with. This track is much more silently stated, meaning that while Jonuh could burst forth with energy, they choose not to do so on this track.

Jonuh is able to give listeners two distinct meanings for what the band is doing during this disc, instead of just slamming listeners with the same style through all five cuts. The drums are what really stands out during this track, and gives individuals confidence that Jonuh has talent that is strung throughout all parts of the band, rather than the vocals that continually assert themselves on this EP. While there is a similarity to Yellowcared at the beginning part of this disc, songs like “Radio” are important in opening up Jonuh’s sound and giving the band the chance to craft their own style. While this is a five-song EP, listeners will be able to get a good idea of Jonuh’s sound. By the time that “Tonight” comes to a close, I am confident that listeners will either start the disc back over or clamor for a full length to be recorded.

Top Track: Our Rearview Mirror

Rating: 7.2/10

Jonuh – S/T / 2006 Self / 5 Tracks / / Reviewed 19 January 2007

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