Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise (CD)

It is very rare to see that a band has been together for such a long time. Barring the years that they were trying to get back together, Kill Van Kull has been a band since 1983. It is thus not surprising to hear such talent and ability come from each member of the band. The one thing that individuals might have worried about, the freshness of the style of the band, is not anything that should be worried about during “Edge of Sunrise”. It is true during tracks like “Hot Daze” that the band is working with a eighties rock style, but the vocals mix Sammy Hager with Lemmy to create something that is hard-hitting with just the proper amount of harmony present.

The production allows the act to really make themselves salient to fans, without making it sound as if robots (instead of humans) are crafting each and every track on “Edge of Sunrise”. Much like Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity”, Kill Van Kull creates a track in “Then You Were Gone” that is much slower, while still having a hard edge to it. The chiaroscuro between these two parts is more than enough to keep individuals riveted to their seat, with the two disparate sections being sewn together with the most masterful of ability. “Through The Night” is a track that takes on Asia and Journey before going into something slightly hard; the one thing that individuals should realize when they sit down and listen to Kill Van Kull is that each subsequent track will be something else, something new to put their teeth into. The band does not try to rehash the same styles with each track, and that is why a disc like “Edge of Sunrise” is so freaking compelling.

An interesting style of rock is given to listeners during the “Through The Night”, where the band changes up what is assumed for time signatures. While the tracks might not have a perfect fit on rock radio, there is little doubt in my mind that the act could go forth and successfully get some play on VH1 Classic or other Classic Rock radio. The results should be that copies of “Edge of Sunrise” will fly off of the shelves with all sorts of speed. The band should hopefully stay together for another twenty or so years, coming out with the same fun and intense brand of rock.

Top Tracks: Then You Were Gone, The Bottom

Rating: 6.8/10

Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise / 2006 Self / 12 Tracks / / Reviewed 06 April 2007


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