On the heels of a new partnership with renowned producer Randy Jackson on his new label DreamMerchant21, KIMBERLEY LOCKE revels in the continued success of her April release of “Strobelight”. The now megahit wrangles Billboard’s #1 spot on The Hot Dance Club Chart amongst the likes of Kelis and Kylie Minogue.

Such positive reception of the track has sparked the attention of several celebrated DJs and producers who have since created multiple remixes. The original, and its most played remix by Tony Moran and Warren Rigg, now dominate the dance floor.

No stranger to climbing the charts, the Nashville native has had eight Top 20 Adult Contemporary hits, three #1 Dance hits, and eight #1’s across various Billboard charts.

Most recently, Locke was honored to attend an event hosted by Michelle Obama at Wayne State University for the First Lady’s Detroit youth leadership and mentoring program. There Kimberley performed “Strobelight” for the First Lady and her guests and also offered some encouraging words of wisdom, “…you’ve got about 20 seconds to cry about it. Then you’ve got to pick yourself up,” with regards to when things go wrong [Kimberley Locke via The Detroit Free Press].

Up next for the star will follow her game plan with Randy Jackson and a handful of performances, including Seattle Pride 2010 on June 27th. In an interview with AOL’s Locke said, “the deal we have is a singles deal. Randy’s philosophy is that when people go to iTunes, they just buy the singles they like. So we’ll do a new single every six to eight months and maybe do an album down the line.” In any case, anticipation of chart toppers like “Strobelight” every couple of months is something to get used to.

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