Michael Weston King – A New Kind of Loneliness (CD)

“Here’s The Plan” sounds as if Billy Joel dropped eir piano and decided to pick up a guitar. That is to say that Michael Weston King plays a classic brand of pop music that will have individuals singing along no matter their age or musical tastes. The opening track to “A New Kind of Loneliness” may be over five minutes but King is enough of a storyteller to keep individuals interested throughout the entirety of this track. By the time that “Here’s The Plan” ends, individuals want to hear more from the Kingster eirself. While “The Last Hurrah” is a much slower track than “Here’s The Plan”, Michael Weston King’s vocal style is still solid enough to sell the track successfully.

The way I can see King, it is as a forgotton seventies and eighties star. It does not mean that the tracks are derived from any other style, but rather that ey is definitely approaching pop music from a style of music that has not been popular for a decent period of time. While the instrumentation during the tracks on “A New Kind of Loneliness” are typically in the background, King is smart enough to have this be a largely-vocal affair. This means that everything is subordinated to King’s very capable vocal talents. The only thing that could be construed as a weakness with this vocal style has to be with “Saturday’s Child”. During “Saturday’s Child”, the flow that King has seems a little too compressed to really be considered a success. “My Heart Stopped Today” is a track that gets back to the album being an unqualified success for King. The style of “My Heart Sopped Today” is tied a little to country music, and while it is not heavily influenced by that genre, the inclusion of something new will keep individuals in King’ corner.

While the style of King during “A New Kind of Loneliness” will not take the pop world by storm, the very capable King will find a cadre of fans and sell tons of copies of this disc. The fact that fourteen tracks are stuck on this album and that all fourteen tracks are solid (with only minor exceptions) show that King knows exactly what ey is doing this album. Here’s to hoping that King continues to create music and that the music comes to the same styles and high level quality that it was during “A New Kind of Loneliness”.

Top Tracks: Saturday’s Child, Lost

Rating: 7.2/10

Michael Weston King – A New Kind of Loneliness / 2006 Poptown / 14 Tracks / http://www.michaelwestonking.com / http://www.poptownrecords.com / Reviewed 25 January 2007


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