Pierre Ferrand Cognac: Ambre

We have not had many chances to review cognac so far in NeuFutur, so it is quite fortunate that we were sent over a few samples from the Pierre Ferrand line. Our first coverage of this company’s spirits comes with their Ambre iteration, a similarly-colored cognac that has been casked for 10 years. The incredibly mild nose of the Ambre Cognac is a great introduction into something that will gradually increase in complexity through an individual’s experience with it. This nose is slightly floral, with only the slightest hint of the woodsy burn present with casked spirits. The relatively “young” Cognac is the perfect introduction for those that may not have been too familiar with the spirit type before.

It is when imbibers will take their first sip that the Ambre Pierre Ferrand really takes an unexpected turn. Once individuals take their first pulls off a shot or a measure of Pierre Ferrand Ambre on the rocks, the alcohol burn is countered with more fruity (tangerine, apricot) and vanilla-y notes. The burn continues down one’s throat, providing a perfect warmth for the winter months and that little extra kick needed for the summer ones.

The spirit itself may not be stocked in as many places as other, better-known cognacs (Hennessy and Remy Martin, for example), but it far outstrips either of the two base brands with the greatest of ease. While not nearly similar, the approachability of the cognac will be something that will get fans of whiskey and smoky red wines excited. Start out with the Ambre and move up the ladder with the other Pierre Ferrand efforts – the Reserve is aged for 20 years, while the Selection Des Anges stands at 30 years. Proceed beyond that as far as one’s wallet will allow – 45 and 70 year varietals are also available.

Rating: 8.4/10

Pierre Ferrand Cognac: Ambre / Cognac / http://www.le-cognac.com

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