Princess Fury Review (iPhone Game)

In this release from Mo-Star, one can call upon all the rage, and fury that a purple haired princess can muster. This game features old school side scrolling beat-em-up action. There really isn’t too much to this game. You control the main character, who is not named, and form strategies to deploy troops in order to complete your goals. At a modest price of $1.99 US dollars, this game is a fair way to pass the time or work out some aggression. Prepare yourselves for the shortest short list to date.

The plot of the game is simple; err wait, there is no plot. Yes, you heard me right. No plot. The description says something about a big baddie that is behind it all, but that’s it. You are a punky looking medieval princess, who wishes to remain anonymous, completing mission given by no one. You command troops that have name of knights the belong behind the Round Table, and carry a sword that looks like it was bolted together with an arrow from a DDR arcade game on top. If you read the description of the game in iTunes, it seems as though her name is “Fury”, but they never call her that in the game, so that’s why I say she has no name. The game teaches you what to do as you go through it, and as in game tutorials go, this one is just fine. I am sad to say that after 11 mission though I had to give up.

Gameplay is also simple. You accept missions, level up, get new troops, level said troops, and beat down the boss. Certain missions include instructions such as, eliminate all enemies, capture all crystals, defend crystals, escort (fill in the blank), and so on. You are allowed to equip up to three of the rather cool special attacks. No mana consumption in this game, you use it, and wait. Using these attacks in a certain order can be a part of your strategy. Deploying troops, or regrouping them can be as well. One thing I hate about this game, however, is that depending on the mission, and the amount of troops, sometimes you can’t see what in heck you’re doing. All you see is the DDR Arrow above the heads of your troops. Unless you have the one troop that has a pole arm as his weapon, then you can’t even see your sword poking out. This gets especially annoying in escort missions.

Speaking of things that upset me, this game has a few other points that make me cringe. First of all, games should not be impossible to beat. Yeah, I can get behind some extra level building to make up for skill, but this is ridiculous. I am of comparable level to the enemies on the board I’m working on, but I’m still getting hounded! I’ve been leveling for two days, and haven’t passed on to the next level. Secondly, I’m a little upset that they are using Arthurian references, but Arthur himself doesn’t seem to be present, and neither is Merlin. Also some of the locations are in places I’m pretty sure Arthur and his Knights never went to. And lastly, but not least, is the fact that there is only one command/button for the troops you command. Not only is there only one, but it took me like two days to figure out how to use it. If it’s blue, that’s what your troops will do when you press the button, as opposed to if the button is blue, that’s what they are currently doing.

So, now it’s time to sum it all up and rate this puppy. I am going to say that this game with it’s low price tag, easy gameplay, and really decent amount of languages to choose from, that this game is pretty solid. Even despite my complaining. I give it a 6 out of 10. It has decent graphics, has nice and ignorable music, and the sound effects didn’t give me a headache.

Game rated on a ten point system.

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