The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It (DVD)

There are a number of different films that have mashed together the corpus of a specific genre. The Wayans Brothers have literally made a career of it, and The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It looks to be a film that improves on the spoof films that preceded it. While obvious from the film’s title, this Craig Moss production is a sex-charged romp through the space created by The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Sarah Marshall, and Superbad. While there are nods present to other, non-related films (Twilight, for example), the storyline contains just enough comedy over its 82 minutes to keep viewers interested. Continue reading “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It (DVD)”


Australian rock-n-roll export Wolfmother returns to the U.S. this summer with select performances kicking off at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 8th. The tour makes its way through ten cities with stops including the annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, and the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco (full tour dates below).

The Grammy award winning foursome is celebrating the success of their recent release, Cosmic Egg, hitting platinum status in their native Australia. Wolfmother’s latest single “Far Away” has also been added in high rotation on the Fuse Music Network. Check out the video here:

In other Wolfmother news, frontman Andrew Stockdale has teamed up with Slash, lending his vocals and songwriting chops to the guitar legend’s first single, “By The Sword” from his self-titled debut solo album. The duo recently dominated the late night TV circuit with performances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Stockdale was also hand picked by music pioneer Beck to contribute his talents on his second Record Club covers album, Songs of Leonard Cohen.

Wolfmother welcomes new drummer Will Rockwell-Scott of Mooney Suzuki and Har Mar Superstar fame to the band and the upcoming tour- be sure to catch them live this August.

Wolfmother’s critically lauded live performances are not to be missed!

Tour dates are as follows:

8/8 Lollapalooza Chicago, IL

8/9 Beaumont Club Kansas City, MO

8/10 Harrha’s Council Bluffs Council Bluffs, IA

8/11 Glencoe Camp Resort Sturgis, SD

8/12 Belly Up Aspen Aspen, CO

8/14 Outside Lands Festival San Francisco, CA

8/15 Santa Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara , CA

8/19 House of Blues Anaheim, CA

8/20 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV

8/21 House of Blues San Diego, CA


Darker My Love, a band hailed for their “monster psych anthems that simultaneously howls for lysergic sunshine and – most importantly – the repeat button” by Alternative Press, are excited to announce a fall tour with Band Of Horses. Beginning August 17th in Los Angeles, CA, the west coast quintet will embark on a short headlining tour before extending their summer trek with Band of Horses, which began in the United Kingdom this June. These dates come in support of the band’s upcoming album, ALIVE AS YOU ARE, out August 17th on Dangerbird Records.

ALIVE AS YOU ARE, the follow up to the breakthrough sophomore album “2,” is Darker My Love’s most musically focused and emotionally direct collection to date. Informed by profound personal tragedy, the 11 songs that make up ALIVE AS YOU ARE travel away the glorious fuzz and distortion of past records to a more evocative approach marked by bold, honest songwriting and intricate arrangements that further illuminate the band’s myriad of classic influences.

The end result is a moving and memorable musical excursion of mind-bending neo-psychedelic grooves and hazily anthemic hooks; one that firmly places Darker My Love among the brightest lights in the long history of West Coast rock.

To get fans excited, Darker My Love is offering new track SPLIT MINUTE for free download at

Fans can also find the hypnotic track DEAR AUTHOR, for free download. A song which Buzzbands LA raves “between the insistent beat and the harmony saturate chorus, DEAR AUTHOR glides straight to your sweet spot,” can be downloaded at

TOUR DATES (more to be announced):

August 17th Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA *
August 19th The Independent San Francisco, CA *
September 24th The Greek Theater Berkley, CA **
September 25th The Greek Theater Los Angeles, CA **
September 27th The Joint Las Vegas, NV **
September 28th In The Venue Salt Lake City, UT **
September 29th The Fillmore Denver, CO **

* Headlining show
** With Band Of Horses

Living Things – Ahead of the Lions (CD)

There is a classic sound to Living Things that will have parents of children who buy this album walk in and ask whether this is early Crue or Foreigner. During a song like “Bom Bom Bom”, Living Things come up with a style that is not as stark and intermediary as Buckcherry, but rather is a smooth blend of styles that work in 2006. The production is immaculate, and show what the classic rock bands would sound like if they had the same level of technology back in 1976 as they do in 2006.

The only thing that seems to hold Living Things back is the monotone of their lead singer, something that manifests itself most seriously during the aforementioned “Bom Bom Bom”. The style is intended to be cool and disaffected, but what happens is that there is little variation in this voice through some of the songs on “Ahead of the Lions”. This problem with the monotony of the vocals for Living Things is something that is not a common occurrence for the band. For example, a song like “Bombs Below” is a track that shows intense variation in the set of vocals.

The arrangements present on “Ahead of the Lions” play it fairly safe, with a general “classic” rock sound washing over the listeners with each subsequent track. While there is a high amount of cohesion during the tracks on “Ahead of the Lions”, this is not a stifling type of cohesion. All this cohesion means is that individuals could hear any Living Things track from this album and be able to successfully identify the band. While acts like Fu Manchu were able to craft a specific sound and not derivate from that sound over the course of a few albums, Living Things may need to change things up for subsequent albums. I’m not saying that the band necessarily has to reinvent themselves, but that they should look into incorporating other styles and genres of music to their already solid sound. Tracks on “Ahead of the Lions” are those that would get considerable play on rock radio, but there is not quite enough under the surface that music fans could hold up as a reason why they should listen to the Living Things over a number of the other retro rock bands out on the market.

Top Tracks: Bom Bom Bom, God Made Hate

Rating: 4.9/10

Living Things – Ahead of the Lions / 2006 Jive / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 04 May 2006


Hot Tub Time Machine (Blu-Ray)

It seems almost as if those individuals that made such great adult comedies back in the eighties were teleported to 2009 in much the same way as the characters in Hot Tub Time Machine were transported back in time. Where The Hangover was a solid film based on the established actors that made up the cast and crew, I feel that the more up and coming ensemble here really bring their A game in the creation of the film. Furthermore, they work well alongside those stars – beginning with John Cusack and moving through the ranks to individuals like Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase. Continue reading “Hot Tub Time Machine (Blu-Ray)”

Official Comic-Con Trailer for ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Puts Players into the Pages

Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd, a Helsinki–based independent game developer and computer vision specialist, debuted its latest full-length trailer for the fighting adventure game, Kung-Fu LIVE, coming this Fall to PlayStation® Network.

Kung-Fu LIVE fuses players into a world of pulp action-comics with accurate real-time motion and image scanning, letting fans step into the fight like never before. Using the PlayStation®Eye, Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented Freemotion® technology has helped to create the first controller-free fighting game of its kind that challenges players to survive using a limitless array of martial arts and acrobatic moves with their own bodies. With enormous interactive environments, a roster of impossible-made-possible power moves, and unique multiplayer components, Kung-Fu LIVE ensures that your Bruce Lee moments will be full of awesomeness.

“The latest trailer is here just in time to celebrate the world of comics and it’s been a big part of our creative vision to finally allow players a way to become one with the story,” said Teemu Mäki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. “The response to the game since first showing it off this summer has also been phenomenal. Seeing the players have fun and seeing that our controller-free experience has depth and is capable of challenging the players on multiple levels has been a true delight. Whether people are looking to pull off the perfect round-house kick, grab the highest score on a boss-fight, or simply get a full-cardio workout, Kung-Fu LIVE is ready to put them into the action.”

Launching later this Fall on PlayStation Network, Kung-Fu LIVE will provide a fast, fun, and action packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming.

Little Klimt and Chofferson – Split (CD)

This may be the first split single that I’ve ever received. That’s right, Little Klimt (a singer-songwriter out of New York) and Chofferson (an artist out of Los Angeles) each contribute one song to this split, so to say that individuals may have a problem trying to get a genuine read on their styles is understating it. For Little Kilmt’s track, one can hear the confines of a garage as the only things really present to back up Sady’s vocals on the track are the arrangements of the synthesizer. What results is a very calm and soothing brand of indie music that should really transfer itself well to a longer album (either an EP or LP), with the instrumentation creating a timeless quality to the track that individuals should find compelling.

The lightly-sung vocals of Sady work well in really tying themselves to the instrumentation, but there is quickly added to the mix a third force present during “Candy Kills”. The production values are done in such a way that empty space actually does a lot to give the track a distinct sound. The noise is similar but is not exactly the sound created by record fuzz, but it closes things around Sady and eir synthesizer as tight as a blanket on a cold night. Chofferson differentiate themselves from Little Klimt in many ways with “Re Infecta”, but the use of ambient noise as a major factor during their track is not one of them. The same sort of record sound is present, but Chofferson goes one step closer and uses something that sounds like a train to begin the track.

Alongside the train noise comes a section of crying before a very deliberate brand of synthesizer playing takes the stage. This role is not static, however as it struggles alongside a slew of different ambient, disconnected quotes that float around the track like so many apparitions. These various quotes act in both an instrumental and lyrical sense for the track. What would normally be a very static style is mixed up with the inclusion of these quotes and a whole scale shift in the general sound of Chofferson for the second half of the track. The disc is interesting and great in introducing two new acts to individuals, but here’s to hoping the next time the bands try to do a split there is more than one song a piece for each band.

Top Track: Little Klimt “Candy Kills”

Rating: 5.2/10

Little Klimt and Chofferson – Split / 2006 Batterface / 2 Tracks / / / Reviewed 04 March 2006



After an exciting summer – from UK’s DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL to an in-studio at New York’s famed WRXP – TAB The Band gears up for an even bigger Fall. As POLLSTAR’S exclusive announcement stated (, come this September, TAB will be sharing the stage with some industry greats – including Stone Temple Pilots and Slash – as the band continues to support their album ZOO NOISES. Full tour dates are listed below.

TAB the Band was founded by Adrian and Tony Perry, sons of Aerosmith legend Joe Perry. After a life of playing and being surrounded by music, they are now being hailed as “the next big thing” as they continue to garner positive press.

“…they play bluesy, sleazy, guitar raunch..” 3.5 stars from Rolling Stone

“ the hat to its rock &roll predecessors without feeling trite or at all dervivative.” –NPR

“…playing killer Cheap Trick-meets-Lemonheads-style power-pop.” -Boston Globe

“…This band is the Next Big Thing.” -Alternative Addiction

“…a fresh take on exactly what made rock great in the first place…” – The Deli Magazine NYC

“…TAB the Band know how to craft winning tunes…” – PopMatters

To top off the announcement of new tour dates, TAB was featured on JBTV Jerryvision, a video show hosted by the iconic Jerry Bryant. It is a 60-minute weekly music video program that reaches 1.5 million people and showcases the best new music videos from established and up-and-coming artists in the rock genre.

The music video of TAB’s single, “She Said No (I Love You)”, which premiered on AOL Spinner can be seen here:

Sirius Radio’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage recently heralded TAB as the show’s host, Steven Van Zandt (legendary guitarist and part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, cast member of The Sopranos) named the Zoo Noises track “Run Away” the “Coolest Song in the World” for the week of June 6th and has been in rotation ever since. In addition, TAB has been heard on Howard Stern, HBO’s Entourage, CBS’ CSI: NY, FX’s The Riches, Fuel TV, ESPN, among others, and the New York Post recently chose TAB as the subject of a full-page feature piece.

8/31 @ Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT w/ Stone Temple Pilots & Cage the Elephant

9/1 @ Bank of America Pavilion, Boston w/ Stone Temple Pilots & Cage the Elephant

9/3 @ Borgata Event Center, Atlantic City, NJ w/ Stone Temple Pilots & Cage the Elephant

9/4 @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY w/ Stone Temple Pilots & Cage the Elephant

9/5 @ PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ w/ Stone Temple Pilots & Cage the Elephant

9/14 @ Terminal 5, NYC w/ Slash

9/15 @ House of Blues, Boston w/ Slash

Fans are encouraged to check out a clip of Adrian and Lou of TAB performing an acoustic version of “She Said No (I Love You)’, in the WRXP studio and chatting it up with legendary radio/TV personality- Matt Pinfield here:

For more information and to join the mailing list to receive a FREE MP3 visit on or


08/06 Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza After Show at Metro w/ Cut Copy – SOLD OUT
08/07 Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/08 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ Dan Black
08/09 Buffalo, NY @ Big Orbit Soundlab w/ Dan Black
08/10 Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
08/12 Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs
08/13 New York City @ Bowery Ballroom
08/14 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
08/15 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel
08/16 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
08/29 Manchester, UK @ Pride Festival
09/03 Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
09/08 Quebec City, QC @ Universite Laval – FREE
09/26 San Francisco, CA @ Folsom Street Fair
09/27 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
09/28 San Diego, CA @ Casbah

“Mixin To Thrill” will be released on August 3rd digitally, and available as a limited-edition CD on They will also be sold at all upcoming shows including an ‘Our Summer Volcano’ poster inside as well.

Little Brazil – You and Me (CD)

Little Brazil comes from that brand of emo-rock that holds as a deity Rivers Cuomo, but unlike the sixties-influenced pop of Weezer, some genuine feelings are held on Little Brazil’s “You and Me”. Leading off the disc with “Now” and skillfully tying it in with the heart-beat/ethereal nature of “The Way You Listen”, “You and Me” is so much more than an album – it is a journal entry, a cry for help, the highs and lows of Austin, Corey, Landon and Danny. The guitar lines that soar over the masses of other instruments create the wide-open landscape shown inside the liner notes for this disc – the grey sky that makes up a good third of the picture, to be specific. The title track goes back to the original Weezer – the Beatles and draws a minor among of that sweet Beatles-style of vocals in what can be call a picture-perfect pop song, regardless of what period of history one places it. Even the minorly-distorted-yet-tidy guitar lines on the track seem at place in this track. Shaking the cobwebs away for “Southern Florida”, a deep and violent interior bubbles underneath the staggered-vocals on the track. Even mulling around in a genre that has been done to death these last few years, Little Brazil are still able to make fresh music by infusing their emo-rock with a Super Furry Animals/Pitchfork-esque alternative rock.

“Now It’s Time” moves much more into the alternative aspect of things, and in this different style Little Brazil seems as comfortable as any one-trick pony whose specialty is this style of music. In fact, “Now It’s Time” is the creative climax for the entire disc, incorporating a horn that only sparks the pile of dry kindling that is the rest of the track. The track itself is a work of genius, building up pressure and expectation with each subsequent line and drop-out by the band. Landon’s far-reaching vocals on this track are the piece de resistance, and the comparisons need to be made between LB and Sebadoh to proper gauge how important this band will be to music in the current period. The amount of different approaches on “You and Me” are numerous, and will assure that the widest possible swath of individuals will find themselves digging Little Brazil’s sweet, sweet music. One of the best independently-released albums of this young year.

Top Tracks: Now It’s Time, Pointing Fingers

Rating: 7.1/10

Little Brazil – You and Me / 2004 Mt. Fuji Records / 9 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 February 2005