Angelo LaTona – Unveiled (CD)

It is quite rare for an instrumental album to be this deep; from when LaTona puts forth the full sound of “Trinity Suite Part 1”, one can hear parts of Don Henley , jam bands, and Santana all in one. The reason why these tracks work so well without anything in the way of vocals is because of the ability that LaTona has in making the guitar sing with immense skill.

To be honest, this music is not all created with a guitar, but there is a full band backing LaTona up that really make the compositions on “Unveiled” full enough to be considered successes. The title track is much slower to start, but an individual should realize this; the track is almost three times the length of anything else on “Unveiled”. After LaTona gets started, listeners should be minorly shocked. The track is the closest thing that a listener has to a rock track, with a bass line that sounds cribbed from Geddy Lee, of all people. LaTona has the time to create something a little more laid-back than the other tracks on the disc. When “In His Presence” starts, the assumptions of the influences that ey and eir band work under are drastically different; the sly sound of the band during the track screams out more of a “jazz” feel than anything else previously.

“Trinity Suite Part 2” is obviously a continuation of the opening track, and it shows a smart move by LaTona. Instead of subjugating eir tracks directly, continually coming back to the same composition means that LaTona and the rest of eir band is able to try out different things with the remaining three tracks. In the space of two and a half minutes, LaToana is able to create a solid narrative that has pages oupon pages to say. The compositions might not be the quickest that one has ever heard, but they may just be the most dense that a listener has heard. While individuals into typical rock tracks might not find a reeal reason to pick up “Unveiled”, any true fan of solid music would be well advised to pick this disc up and take it to heart. LaTona comes through with interesting compositions that never fail to innovate; the style of music on “Unveiled” is not just rock or jazz, but a style that encompasses all of those disparate styles and more.

Top Tracks: What Eyes Have Not Seen

Rating: 6.8/10

Angelo LaTona – Unveiled / 2005 Breaking / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 16 March 2006


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