Don Puglisi – Goodbye New York (CD)

“Leavin’” is a light-spirited, bouncy type of track that represents a perfect introduction to Puglisi’ “Goodbye New York”. With a set of strings working above the hubbub created by his vocals and backing band, what results is something that spans numerous genres and styles. By the time that this four and a fourth minute track finishes up, listeners that may not have been too familiar with Puglisi’s work will be eagerly waiting for more. “I Will Change” is “Goodbye New York”’s next composition, and it showcases a completely different side of Puglisi than had been previously heard. While the track still has a rock sound to it, the more intentional and planned sound of the track crafts for Puglisi a track that would be utterly epic on radio spin lists.

“Lessons From The Road” represents “Goodbye New York”’s longest track, but it may be the one track that I will listen to every time I can. This is because Puglisi continues to innovate and further expand his style, taking on country in a way that few (beyond Johnny Cash and the original Hank Williams) have been able to. There is enough variety and richness here that even those that are not the biggest fans of the country genre will be able to fully enjoy “Lessons From The Road”. As “Goodbye New York” spins on, listeners will begin to realize that the overall effort is rather like wine – what Puglisi does is get better and better with each cut here.

Late-disc tracks like “The Curse” have a trippy, psychedelic feel to it that call to mind The Cure, Metallica, and even more abstract psychedelic rock. The brooding nature of the track presents listeners with some of the most intense music captured on the album, while “Evergreen” continues varying up Puglisi’s sound. “Evergreen”, the penultimate track here, brings Puglisi’s vocals to the fore, as they simultaneously contain a narrative and a catchy harmony. “Goodbye New York” is an album that stands up to repeated listening, whether it be on a single or an album-oriented basis. Pick up the album today, if you would like to hear a different lock at the rock genre.

Top Tracks: I Will Change, Lessons From The Road

Rating: 8.1/10

Don Puglisi – Goodbye New York / 2010 Self / 13 Tracks /

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