Italian Death Metalists, Humangled will be filming a video for the track “Liquidfire,” from their Abyss Records debut, Fractal. Humangled has teamed up with award-winning director / screenwriter Vincezno Ricchiuto for the shoot. Filming is scheduled to get underway this month.

Guitarist Luke Scurb has this to say about the video’s subject matter, “Liquidfire is a severe analysis of the loss of consciousness due to drug abuses. In many cases, modern society and the lack of values lead to terrible consequences.”
Fractal was released in June of this year through Abyss Records and has already caught the ear of fans and critics worldwide.

If you are a fan of true death metal you should check out this band. – Bringer Of Death ‘ Zine

Brutal, melodic, rhythmic, at times technical, but unique and even intellectual at the same time. –

Catchy and brutal… –

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