Hung – The Complete First Season (DVD)

HBO has managed to make an entire TV show out of a guy with a huge wang.

Ok, it’s a little more than that, but that’s certainly the set up for Hung. In the HBO series, Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) is a high school coach in Detroit, a divorced dad of mopey twin teenagers who is desperate for money after his uninsured house burns down. With few assets to his name (aside from the aforementioned appendage), he decides to become a prostitute on the side to make ends meet.
Jane does a decent enough job as the series lead as does Anne Heche, who plays Decker’s wishy washy, but oddly sympathetic ex-wife, but it’s the brilliant Jane Adams that makes the show worth watching. She plays Tanya, a neo hippie poet who stumbles into the job as Drecker’s pimp, and completely steals the show.

The premise of Hung is interesting and despite a few weak episodes up front, the show finally gets comfortable with itself toward the end of the first season. Things are teed up nicely for Hung to start generating the type of hype HBO TV shows have a reputation for creating.

Hung – The Complete First Season/2 DVDs/2010/HBO/315 mins.

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