La Rocca – The Truth (CD)

The hopeful pop of “Sketches (20 Something Life) blend together the eighties rock of acts like Rod Stewart and more current alternative acts. What results is something that is much more than its constituent parts. Individuals will be dancing throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall and winter with the music of La Rocca. The fact that the band can stop all that they are doing and start back up just as if nothing has happened shows their ability as a band. The band does not lose any of their compelling power during “If You Need The Morning”.

The inclusion of a synthesizer line during this track is a nice changeup in a disc that was already flying high. La Rocca successfully uses styles that are new and old to keep individuals listening in. The one current act that La Rocca reminds me of has to be The Zutons. The same appreciation of earlier styles is nowhere near as high as it is with those two acts, and individuals can see this appreciation and make copies of “The Truth” fly off of the shelves. “This Life” continues to increase the band’s stock, as the chorus breaks free of the dreamy pop of the track to reach an entirely new level of catchiness. La Rocca has reached for the gold ring and have grabbed it with all of the intensity of a Russian bear. La Rocca takes a completely different path during “The Truth”.

The style is seventies Billy Joel, while the vocal style even goes further back to reflect the sound of acts like Woody Guthrie. La Rocca know exactly what bands they should emulate, and what parts of their own sound that they should showcase. “Sing Song Sung” was a disappointment compared to “The Truth”. It took a full album for La Rocca to shine, and “The Truth” is that album. Each subsequent track on “The Truth” is better than the last; La Rocca have found the grail and drank from it, allowing for one of the best pure pop-rock albums of the last five years. I want to hear more music from La Rocca, and hope that it is only a matter of time before the band cuts their next album. This album should be a required purchase for any individual that says that they like any rock band of the last fifty years.

Top Tracks: Goodnight, The Truth

Rating: 7.5/10

La Rocca – The Truth / 2006 Dangerbird / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 08 August 2006


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