Limbeck – Hi, Everything’s Great (CD)

Limbeck, yet another band off Doghouse Records. Limbeck, band I had only heard of before putting on this new disc. Limbeck, band that plays their rock band roles utterly perfectly. While they are not trying to make their own agenda with “Hi, Everything’s Great”, they are trying to put out the best sounding power-rock out. And with tracks like “Julia”, they might be doing just that. Each song is constructed in a way that the lyrics are simple, easy to take in, and even easier to sing along with. Skirting the line of Everclear-style rock with “This Place is Deserted”, Limbeck bounces back with a composition completely in their own style with “I Wrote This Down”. While each song sound as if it was recorded in the best studio, and each word sang sounds as if it was handed from on high, I still have this feeling of detachment with this album. There is no personality on this recording, just the typical produced song (a la Third Eye Blind, Tonic, or any large “indie” band) and a feeling of sadness. I suppose if you compare “Hi, Everything’s Great” to the typical overproduced album, you may hear slight differences in recordings and such, but all I hear with this is some person thinking with a mindless beat. Energy in spades but innovativeness is something that just something that has passed this band by.

Top Track : Julia

Rating : 5.0/10

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