Long Since Forgotten – Standing Room Only (CD)

Not really what I could categorize as emo rock, Long Since Forgotten mixes acts like Jimmy Eat World with the Goo Goo Dolls, using rich recording to mesh the two sounds without any discernible seams. All and all, the tracks go by incredibly fast, working just as well as incidental music as front-level driving music. Josh’s vocals on every track are ultimately clear and act in different capacities, creating something that is more, something that has an instrumental quality. The entirety of the CD is created with these road-trip emo tracks, but even I wonder whether or not this disc really breaks anything in the way of new ground. Stephanie’s vocals on the very laconic “Euclid Crashed” really add a great deal to the song – a high class song already with the wind-swept guitar lines. With all of these positives to the song, “Euclid Crashed” is a modern day “Leather and Lace”, with Stephanie and Josh taking the roles of Stevie and Don.

I found myself zoning out a number of times when I was reviewing the disc, but when one actually goes and focuses in on the music being played, everything is created with the most masterful ear for the melodies. “The Language of Nature” is the most radio-friendly track of the disc, if one could conceivably describe one track as worthy of the title. The emotive guitars in the track are just not a one time thing, but rather are indicative of the rest of the disc. To speak more about the asctheticism of the disc, there are some places in each and every song where a rush of emotion will just wash over a listener – there are just some places on the disc that can honestly be called “beautiful”.

By far, the most innovative track on the disc is the virtual whirlwind of increased tempo that is “10:18, Press Return”. Only lasting less than a minute, the track marks itself off from the rest of the disc with a sense of urgency that just can’t be matched. While there are moments on this disc in which the general sound of Long Since Forgotten starts to mesh all together. Overall, “Standing Room Only” goes beyond simple genre tags and moves into something much more memorable. While the disc itself is not a paragon of originality, it still nonetheless is an incredibly written piece of work that deserves to be listened to.

Rating : 6.4/10

Top Tracks : 10:18, Press Return , Euclid Crashed

Long Since Forgotten – Standing Room Only / 13 Tracks / 2004 RocketStar Music / http://www.lsfrock.com / http://www.rocketstar.com / Released 27 January 2004 / Reviewed 12 January 2004 /

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