Official Comic-Con Trailer for ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Puts Players into the Pages

Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd, a Helsinki–based independent game developer and computer vision specialist, debuted its latest full-length trailer for the fighting adventure game, Kung-Fu LIVE, coming this Fall to PlayStation® Network.

Kung-Fu LIVE fuses players into a world of pulp action-comics with accurate real-time motion and image scanning, letting fans step into the fight like never before. Using the PlayStation®Eye, Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented Freemotion® technology has helped to create the first controller-free fighting game of its kind that challenges players to survive using a limitless array of martial arts and acrobatic moves with their own bodies. With enormous interactive environments, a roster of impossible-made-possible power moves, and unique multiplayer components, Kung-Fu LIVE ensures that your Bruce Lee moments will be full of awesomeness.

“The latest trailer is here just in time to celebrate the world of comics and it’s been a big part of our creative vision to finally allow players a way to become one with the story,” said Teemu Mäki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. “The response to the game since first showing it off this summer has also been phenomenal. Seeing the players have fun and seeing that our controller-free experience has depth and is capable of challenging the players on multiple levels has been a true delight. Whether people are looking to pull off the perfect round-house kick, grab the highest score on a boss-fight, or simply get a full-cardio workout, Kung-Fu LIVE is ready to put them into the action.”

Launching later this Fall on PlayStation Network, Kung-Fu LIVE will provide a fast, fun, and action packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming.

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