WikiHow’s Love Survival Kit: Or The Reason I Am Alone On Every Saturday Night Is…

In this cute little bundle from WikiHow, you are treated to a cool, and easy to use interface that has all sorts of good advice. The advice that is available comes in a few different forms and in a few different categories. All around it’s nothing you might not have known before, but be careful or you may walk away with some new knowledge you didn’t have before in your repertoire.

You can pick from the pre-made list of topics that include such things as, “Date Two Girls At Once”, “How To Plan A Surprise Getaway”, or “Ask A Girl Out If She Is Already Dating”. There are pre-made groups for you to help keep the topics straight. Groups like “Love & War”, or “Charming Tricks”. Each of the topics found in each group will have a paragraph or two explaining the concept being discussed, and then the plan and how to implement said plan on your own.

Some of the cool factor here is that some of the topics include YouTube videos to help you out. Another part of the cool factor here is that you can change your view from portrait to landscape for a more focused view. This new view gets rid of anything that isn’t the article and lets you focus on how to make a promise ring for your girlfriend from a quarter. Yeah, a quarter, cool huh? You can book mark where you are, or if you’re up for it use the search feature to look up something that’s not covered in the pre selected topics. This will also let you access anything on the WikiHow network. You could look up power tools how to’s if you’re not sure how to use the drill you need make that quarter ring, for instance.

With my curiosity peaked, I scoured through the articles for some cool things, learned a few new tricks, and found out that apparently I am sucky at a few things. Oh well. That’s ok. WikiHow has got my back. If anything my suggestion is to give this App a whirl. The worst thing you could do is teach yourself how to give your Significant Other an awesome back rub.

There isn’t much to talk about with this App. Nothing here is ground breaking, or really new. It IS on the other hand a really competent package. It’s well done, and the presentation is right up there with some of the best Apps I have seen. Cruising the articles is a breeze and it’s a cute way to help out some people in the love department. Considering it’s a solid App, I’m going to give this one a 9 out of 10. I’d give it a perfect ten, but there should be a little more content here. What is here is awesome, but some more variety would be great.

App rated on a ten point scale.

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