Cody Marks – In-Her-State (CD)

The opening of “The Hidden One” is something that would confuse listeners, as the track could also portend the opening of “Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)” by Green Day. However, the country style of Cody Marks comes up heavily soon after this introduction, and “The Hidden One” assumes a style that is not quite unlike that of a blend of Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger. The overall sound of Cody Marks in the early part of this EP is something that could easily make it onto radio.

While ey does not go immediately into a country or pop style, the middle-ground blending of genres will mean that individuals will listen by the barrelful to “In-Her-State”. The track is three and a half minutes, which is enough time for Marks to go forth and get individuals inculcated to eir specific musical style, as well as get a general sound staked out for the rest of the EP. The country style of “The Hidden One” dissipates for “I Can’t Wait For Heaven”, which is a track that moves Marks back to the early nineties. I can completely hear hints of Joan Osborne in Mark’s style during this track, another one that could easily be on radio stations throughout the United States.

Each of the tracks on “In-Her-State” give listeners a slightly different aspect of Marks. For example, a throaty set of vocals awaits listeners of “The One That Got Away”. In a sense, it is like Marks is trying to call forth the style of acts like Bryan Adams and Warren Zevon for this track. Again, what Marks does during all of the tracks on this EP is create songs that will have a life longer than the three or four minutes that the tracks would normally run. The four tracks paint a strong picture of Cody Marks’ work. There is little doubt in my mind that ey could make a strong challenge to artists like Kelly Clarkson and Gretchen Wilson. I believe that a disc of eleven or twelve songs would be more of the same solid material that individuals should come to expect by the end of this EP. Keep an ey on Cody Marks, as it should only be a matter of time before eir name is plastered on billboards and in magazines, extolling a sensible, smart approach to pop music that is not impeded by some of the problems currently associated with the genre.

Top Track: The One That Got Away

Rating: 6.8/10

Cody Marks – In-Her-State / 2006 Self / 4 Tracks / Reviewed 07 November 2006


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