David Martin – Something In Your Eyes (CD)

The front cover of “Something In Your Eyes” is simple. It has David’s name and the title of the disc, with the vocalist’s head resting on eir palms. One can easily guess the music that is going to issue forth from the disc. What results is pop music that more often than not moves into a more emotional version of Westlife and John Maher. Tracks like the opening (title) track will be the slow-dance song of 2007; while it might be aesthetically pleasing, there is nothing present that will hook individuals in that has not already been heard before.

However, Martin has a high amount of energy coming into the disc’s second track, “Our Love”. During “Our Love”, Martin continues the same type of pop music. The track is something that could easily be on an easy listening or Christian radio station; there are no rough parts to the track that will upset listener’s feelings. This album seems to be really well suited for individuals that are trying to get work done and need something to fill the background; the smoothed-out compositions are by no means bad, but it does not take a rocket scientist to dissect the arrangements or the vocal harmonies on the tracks. While each of the tracks before “I Can’t Imagine” seem to be strong in their own right, “I Can’t Imagine” is a track that brings Martin to the next level. There is not much in the way of instrumentation during the track, but the harmonies achieved by Martin’s vocals will wrap themselves around anyone that is listening in and force them to stay with the disc. Martin comes out with a solid full album, something that is rare to behold in pop music. Most pop albums that are being released in 2007 are just a vehicle to further the success of a single; with a nice amount of cohesion and solid tracks throughout, “Something In Your Eyes” is interesting, for sure.

“I Will Love You” is perhaps the most energetic track on the disc, and there are times during this track where Martin and Martin’s instrumentation push toward early Goo Goo Dolls and “Synchronicity”-era Police. For those individuals that wish to have a disc full of catchy, inoffensive pop, David Martin’s “Something In Your Eyes” is a solid purchase. Give it a few listens and chances will be good that the disc will remain in your player for days, if not weeks, to come.

Top Tracks: I Will Love You, It Must Be

Rating: 6.5/10

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