Evans Blue – S/T (CD)

I must admit, that I sometimes become confused with all the different bands that are coming forth with a newer rock type of sound. A few years back, there was some semblance of differentiation between them – one could understand what songs were Disturbed, which were Godsmack’s, and which ones Papa Roach cut. However, I’m seeing (or hearing) a little more collusion of these different styles in current rock music.

We reviewed the first Evans Blue album a few years back, and were actually pretty astonished at the unique sound that they were able to create over the course of their debut. In fact, I came in to their latest effort, 2010’s self-titled release, with very high expectations. Needless to say, the band immediately delivers with their introductory salvo, “Buried Alive”. Despite the fact that the band has brought in a new lead singer – Dan Chandler – the entirety of the band’s sound is such that it feels even more cohesive and cogent than the band did on their 2006 release.

As this album spins along, the band really does a great job in creating different approaches and styles, to the degree that each track represents a different side to Evans Blue. The twelve tracks then should be seen as a single statement rather than as cuts to make it on rock radio (even though they are solid enough to do so).

While “Erase My Scars” may be the track that listeners can recall as being on this title, I feel that late-disc cuts like “Show Me” and “Can’t Go On” are those that showcase the talent and the skill of Evans Blue in a way similar to “Cold (But I’m Still Here)”. If you would like your rock breaking outside of the tightly-constrained cubby holes that most bands find themselves in, give this disc a spin.

Top Tracks: Buried Alive, The Future In The End

Rating: 8.0/10

Evans Blue – S/T / 2010 FOF / 12 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/fofentertainment / http://www.evansblue.com

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