Gayle Cloud – Many Waters (CD)

Listeners are greeted on “Many Waters” by an instrumental composition that has an incredible amount of narrative quality. With equal amounts classical, Enya, and even the arrangement intensity of an act like the Trans Siberian Orchestra playing out, “Many Waters” is brought to the next plateau when Cloud’s vocals begin. At times providing the narrative, at other bolstering the instrumental arrangements, Cloud’s vocals really are versatile.

Furthermore, they are truly unique – they move effortlessly from the disc’s early tracks out to “Snow Keeps Falling”. Where there was a more grave, deeper and darker sound to “Many Waters”, there is a more lighthearted feel to “Snow Keeps Falling”. However, the intensity of the arrangement here does not decrease. While there may be a less complex set of instruments present here, Cloud uses empty space to act as an additional, unseen instrument. The result is nothing less than stunning, creating a track that will stick with listeners long after they put down their CD or iPod. “I Wish I Knew” is a blend of the two previous tacks taken by Cloud, with a smart instrumental opening gradually moving into a more vocal-heavy style.

“Turn Around Loverboy” is a break for Cloud on “Many Waters”; where she does keep some sort of cohesion with the rest of the tracks on “Many Waters”, there is tinge of an electronic style. This stylistic addition is just what is needed for listeners to stick with “Many Waters” until Cloud closes up things with “Open to Love.” Where most artists are more than happy just to let things sputter to an end, “Open to Love” is one of the disc’s most memorable tracks. The soulful, honest singing of Cloud works perfectly with the piano backdrop, giving listeners some idea of where Cloud is going with her next album, and where all she has been on this one.

Top Tracks: Many Waters, Snow Keeps Falling

Rating: 8.0/10

Gayle Cloud – Many Waters / 2010 Self / 10 Tracks /

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