Machinemade God – The Infinity Complex (CD)

The mixture of hardcore and metal has been done to death, so to hear Machinemade God coming forth with that style during the opening riffs of “Losses to Lessons” should rightfully make people leery. However, the talent shown by the band in regard to the arrangements that dominate the disc should be seen as indicators of a great act.

The guitar work done by Holger and Sky makes the most intricate guitar work seem easy; the entire band together creates a brand of shuffling beat that will have individuals slamming into each other and dancing at the same time. This same type of groove is present during “Bleeding From Within”; the smoothness in which each of the track of “The Infinity Complex” is crafted is nothing less than amazing. The mid-nineties metal riffs of “Bleeding From Within” are added to a set of vocals that achieve two different poles in regards to styles; at times they are the Converge type of screamed out voices, but at others there is an almost Soulfly/Fear Factory sound to them. This diversity of sounds is what should primarily bring individuals into loving this CDs; the intricateness of each of the tracks is the one thing that should look most attractive to technical music fans. Through the first few opening tracks of “The Infinity Complex”, it really feels as if Machinemade God can do no wrong; the sizzling guitar riffs during “Downpour of Emptiness” quickly flicker in and out of sludge to mess with listeners.

There is no letting up their listeners during “The Infinity Complex”; “Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later” is just another in the long line of tracks that mix a groovy sound with some of the most brutal sounds the band can dream of. Perhaps the most interesting track on “The Infinity Complex” has to be the much slower and more patient echoing halls of “Butterfly Coma”. This track shows Machinemade God both as purveyors of a very intricate style but also as knowledgeable about what disparate sounds will make the most sense together. Germany has yet another great metal band on their hands, and I have no doubt seeing Machinemade God coming to national and world prominence as news about this album spreads. “The Infinity Complex” is for individuals who are fans of hardcore, metal, or of intelligently-crafted music of any stripe. With nothing even resembling weakness, Machinemade God has a success on their hands.

Top Tracks: Butterfly Coma, Bleeding From Within

Rating: 7.0/10

Machinemade God – The Infinity Complex / 2006 Metal Blade / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 11 March 2006


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