Magnet – The Tourniquet (CD)

Aside from their magazine, Filter has to be doing something right . Magnet is the next act that will undoubtedly hit it big, and it is not because they are primped and primed for the big time. Rather, Magnet is a diverse sounding band that will infuriate the hearts of listeners to the point that they cannot stand it; “The Tourniquet” is the equivalent of the melting pot that is New York City. The only thing that really links these disparate elements together is a sedate type of rock that would rather let things flesh themselves out rather than just assaulting a listener over and over for a specific period of time. For example, the entire last segment of “Deadlock (Its Over)” is instrumental, with Magnet expounding on an arrangement until the track finishes up.

In a sense, “Fall At Your Feet” is a track that shows Magnet’s love of Rufus Wainwright. While the track is not as jarring as Rufus, there seems to be that same style of dominant vocals and a looking back nature to the sixties. In a track that is pop without being removed from a rich instrumentation, “Fall At Your Feet” is the rare example of a song that will get toes tapping while neurons increasingly fire. Other tracks really introduce different elements to listeners; it is really only during a song like “Blow By Blow” that the bass becomes a major factor in the overall sound of Magnet. Later tracks may not have the new sound that a first time listener will received from the opening of “The Tourniquet”, but that should not be a reason to discount the second half of the disc.

For example, the Middle Eastern dominated sound of “Blow By Blow” is miles away from what the rest of the disc had to offer, and yet it is suck at a late position on this album. Of course, this really shows that individuals cannot assume that Magnet is a band that subscribes to the dominant single-oriented strategy; to fully appreciate the band, an individual has to listen to “The Tourniquet” a number of times. The band does not cop out at the end of this disc; “Miss Her So” is as emotionally effecting and intelligent as anything else that is committed to disc; furthermore, Magnet calls all their listeners to attention when they include a special, bonus track on the U.S. release.

Top Tracks: Blow by Blow, All You Ask

Rating: 7.1/10

Magnet – The Tourniquet / 2006 Filter / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 20 January 2006


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