To introduce audiences to their new collection of songs, acclaimed art rock band The Dears will play a series of residencies during which they will perform their forthcoming record in full. The eight residency shows – three consecutive nights in Toronto and Montreal and two in Brooklyn (tour dates below) – will recapture the essence of the band’s immensely successful string of shows in Mexico City this past May.

The Dears will be donating proceeds from every merch sale at these residencies to Montreal City Mission and War Child. “Some of the items are rare, might be the wrong size, while some things are out of print and may be sold at ridiculous prices. But this is not just about raising money. People hurt everywhere, all the time, and in so many ways. Essentially, this is what we sing about and sometimes singing just ain’t enough. By taking some of this stuff off our hands, hopefully folks will remember who they’re helping and why,” says the band of the endeavor.

The Dears’ upcoming album, slated for an early 2011 release, is a welcome return to form for the band that won the adoration of countless critics and fans. Praised for their “themes of love, isolation and racism while delivering instantly accessible melodies” by Rolling Stone, Filter Magazine applauded their “astoundingly complex, deeply evocative pop.” Pitchfork congratulated the band for their “earnestness decidedly lacking in today’s indie landscape” while Complex raved “The Dears split the difference between morose and uplifting melodic rock better than anyone since the Smiths.” Penthouse simply said The Dears are “a must-listen for fans of introspective British rock.”

The new record and touring lineup also marks the return of guitarists Patrick Krief and Rob Benvie, early-era bassist Roberto Arquilla as well as newcomer Jeff Luciani on drums. In addition, of course, to singer Murray Lightburn and keyboardist Natalia Yanchak. The band mentions that “we’ve seen many line-up changes, but this one is quite special. Some of our relationships, and friendships, go back over 10 years. The result has been powerful and chilling, like some cosmic design intent on blowing you away.”

To Purchase Tickets:

Toronto: (on sale Friday, July 23rd)
Montreal: (on sale Friday, July 23rd)
New York: (on sale Saturday, July 24th)

Residency Tour Dates:

September 29 Montreal, QB Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church
September 30 Montreal, QB Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church
October 1 Montreal, QB Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church

October 13 Toronto, ON The Garrison
October 14 Toronto, ON The Garrison
October 15 Toronto, ON The Garrison

November 3 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory
November 4 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory

About Montreal City Mission:

For over 100 years, the Montreal City Mission (MCM) has embraced a social
justice model of community action while responding to the challenges of
poverty and social exclusion. From refugee assistance programs to youth and
green programs, MCM’s programs seek to support and empower Montrealers in
need as they make the journey from exclusion to community.

About War Child:

War Child works with children all over the world to reduce the effects of
poverty, provide an education and to defend and promote child rights. War
Child works to help children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict,
and provide them with the means to build a brighter future. War Child works
with local people and organizations in Afghanistan, Darfur (Sudan), Uganda,
Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Georgia and

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