IMPIETY FINISH RECORDING OF THEIR NEW ALBUM! The title for the 7th IMPIETY’s full length album is Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny currently being recorded in utter depravation and satanic violence at Music City Studios in Treviso, Italy. The album will have seven blasphemies with a running time close to 40mins.
The Barbarian Black Horde IMPIETY now comprises of Shyaithan (Bass.Vomit) in command with Guh Lu (Guitars), Eskathon (Guitars) and prevailing drummer Andrea Janko (Artillery). The band rehearsed in early August in the city of Trieste, Italy and commenced recording at Music City, Treviso on 24th Aug. The recording, mix and mastering will be completed in another 7-8 days and we are looking forward to getting this heavy-as-fuck Masterpiece unleashed by Agonia Records.
More news in the coming weeks ahead.

Salve Sathanas Exelsi – Mighty IMPIETY in Satanic Victory!
FORGOTTEN TOMB started the recording sessions for the long anticipated brand-new studio-album, titled Under Saturn Retrograde, to be released hopefully around January 2011.
The sessions took place at Elfo Studio, located in Tavernago, Piacenza (Italy), the same studio where the band recorded now-classic albums such as Love’s Burial Ground and Negative Megalomania (Songs to Leave and the first Demo/MCD Obscura Arcana Mortis were recorded at Elfo Studio as well, but it was in a different location back at that time). Back to the engineering position there’s Daniele Mandelli, producer/sound engineer of Songs To Leave, Love’s Burial Ground and Negative Megalomania.

Herr Morbid comments: We started setting up the drums and placing all the microphones on Friday morning, the 27th of August 2010. We placed something like 20 microphones on the drum-kit this time, just to make sure we can get the right sound, heh! Asher started playing & recording in late morning and then after lunch through all the afternoon, ’til 7 PM. He recorded following a metronome and I played a rhythm guitar line in the background, just to make sure everything work out right. The process went definitely smooth and we managed to track drums for 5 songs out of 9.
On the 28th of August 2010 we started the sessions in the morning and we tracked down the other 4 songs in less than 6 hours. Again, the process was quite easy, though we took a bit more time for the title-track, since it’s rythmically a bit more complex than the other songs and it’s divided in 2 parts. At the end of the day I also recorded some tambourine for a song (The Cult docet) and some cow-bell as well (everyone knows my crush for Southern Rock, heh). But don’t worry, we aren’t making a Glam Rock album here!
The band plan to record guitars later this week. We’ll keep you posted! That’s all for now, stay tuned!

We would like to announce the new DIE HARD’s drummer: his name is Martin Karlsson and he comes from Stockholm. After two intense rehearsals with Martin the band have decided to welcome him as a permanent member.

Simon will handle second guitar in DIE HARD. Simon is also from Stockholm and currently plays in bands like Valkyrja and Ondskapt.

Photos of the new line-up will be taken at the end of September in Stockholm by Soile ( – to be presented later on.

In a couple of weeks the band will release a brand new, third 7” EP entitled THRASH THEM ALL. This EP will include 2 exclusive tracks. It will be available as limited to 400 copies black vinyl with printed inner jacket, poster, sticker and e-card as well as limited to 100 copies DIE HARD red vinyl with printed inner jacket, poster, sticker, e-card and patch. Release date: 31st of October.

The last nail in the coffin will come in March 2011 with their 4th 7 “EP including one new track and one cover of mighty Venom. More news will follow soon.

As this is being written, DIE HARD have started the process of writing new lethal and violent riffs and lyrics for the upcoming album. We are proud to announce that HARRIS JOHNS will be the man behind the recording, mixing, mastering and producing the forthcoming album. The recording session will take place next year in Berlin in MUSIC LAB BERLIN. Harris Johns is known for his work with bands and album like: Hellowen – Walls of Jericho / Kreator – Pleasure to Kill – Out of the Dark / Sodom – Presection Mania – Agent Orange / Tankard – Chemical Invasion – The Morning After / Voivod – Killing Technology – Dimension Hatröss / Coroner – R.I.P. and a hell of more classic thrash metal album.

The 7” EP and the new album will be released via Agonia Records.

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