Circledown – Mobius Sampler (CD)

We here at NeuFutur have been lucky enough to snag the earliest tracks that Circledown has released as part of their “Mobius” LP. The album, which is slated to come out in February, 2011, showcases an absolutely intense band. “Re-constitute”, for example, is a track that ties together musical references as diverse as Static-X, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, and even Machine Head in one furious and intricate metal track. The melodies brought the track by Circledown’s vocalist really bring the band to another plane, while the band cuts some of the grittiest and hardest rock I’ve heard this year. “Crash” begins in a much more nuanced way, as the band keeps things instrumental for a moment to drill in to the listener base exactly how musically adept Circledown can be.

The guitars and drums are highlighted during “Crash”, with each instrument giving something for the other to work off of. Where the different instrumental sides of Circledown were established during these early tracks, “Crash” is a song that allows the vocals to take a different tack. While many bands pursuing the rap-rock hybrid have either further modified their style or have broken up, the quick nod to this style seems fresh and has the added result of keeping Circledown’s momentum high. “Ashes Falling” showcases Circledown’s stripped-down style, tying together eighties British metal with the emocore of the last few years. What results is a track that everyone that’s ever picked up a metal disc can appreciate, while the guitar line interacts with the vocals nicely.

“Half Step” is the final track that we were given the chance to experience, and it is important as it showcases the full brunt of the band. While each member of Circledown created the music within, I feel that the song is a testament to the smart production that the band uses in recording their track. With each riff, bass line, super-sonic vocal or splash of the drum kit, the production ensures that nothing is hidden. “Mobius” is going to be a hellacious introduction to Circledown, and is a title that I will be picking up early next year.

Top Tracks: Half Step, Ashes Falling

Rating: 8.2/10

Circledown – Mobius Sampler / 2010 Self / 4 Tracks /

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