DTV Transition

We have had some form of television service for the last few years at the apartment, but I feel that there have been some problems with our cable service. First off, the cost of cable service is absolutely astronomical, while the selection of channels simply is not good. There are also some problems with the amount of different shows that we can record, while one cannot even go and have more than two programs recording if you want to watch anything else. DIRECTV by DirectSatTV is the one service that will weather the shift over (government-initiated) to direct broadcast satellite. Look up the dtv transition for more information.

However, there is a new web site up – – that will solve all of the problems that anyone will conceivably have with their cable. Just look at their well-designed web site, and one will immediately be able to tell that there is a significantly higher amount of choice that potential individuals can have. Furthermore, the ability to have NFL Sunday Ticket or get a quote at any point during the night is something that Time Warner and Comcast just cannot provide.

So, if you are someone that really wants to go forth and see what benefits that one can have with Direct TV, check out the linked site just as soon as possible. Keep checking back as well, as there will be a number of direct satellite tv offers with each passing week. I know that, just as soon as I can talk to the wife, that we will go forth and get everything checked out and converted over. You should do the same thing.

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