Metric – Live It Out (CD)

The buzz behind Metric is huge, to say the least. The angular sound of tracks like “Glass Ceiling” really draws listeners back to the days of The Breeders (not the washed up version of the band that just released the album, but when they released “Cannonball), while tying itself to the current musical trend of herky-jerky dance-ready rock pioneered by bands like Franz Ferdinand. While the next track “Handshakes” begins with an ironic, Pinkerton-era Weezer sound to it, the incorporation of a tri-partite harmony (vocals, drums, and synthesizers) during the pre-breakdown phase of the track, along with the almost-spoken vocals that follow it really make the track one that is destined for radio.

“Too Little Too Late” is much slower of a track, but the infusion of alt-country elements into the guitar work present throughout the track really gives the lead vocals a Nancy Sinatra-brand of sultryness. “Poster Of AGirl” just has a feeling of inertia, really just being a place-filler until the first sped-up riffs of “Monster Hospital” assault listeners’ ears. The aural sneer of the vocals during the track [plus the bras-like sounds that insert themselves into places on the disc rerally bring the track back about twenty-five years to the period of the X-Ray Spex. Moving their sound slightly from the punk influence of “Monster Hospital”, “Patriarch on a Vespa” brings some chaotic guitars (think Husker Du and Replacements) into the mix with driven, Horrorpops-like bass lines to make yet another hit.

The subtle dance influence of “The Police And The Private” has Postal Service-presence of synthesizers with another bit of almost spoken vocals providing the perfect noise to wiggle oneself to. In these days of singles-oriented albums, “Live It Out” is really hard to break down that way. The richness of the entire disc, plus the linkages between the tracks almost make it essential for listeners to tune in for the long haul. For those listeners that do stick with the disc throughout will be pleased when the title track ends this disc; the bouncy tempo of the track is almost as simple as they come, but is a perfect encapsulation of the band. With this many solid hits, Metric will be the toast of the town for many an alternative rock radio station, and for once (instead of by the fickle fingers of Pitchfork or the corrupt CMJ syndicate) a band that deserves airplay will get it.

Top Tracks: Live It Out, Patriarch on a Vespa

Rating: 8.2/10

Metric – Live It Out / 2005 Last Gang Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 September 2005

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