Midnight Movies – Lion The Girl (CD)

Individuals may have heard of Midnight Movies from the single they cut before the album was out, “Patient Eye”. Essentially, Midnight Movies attempted to take the world by storm with this track, which mixed a psychedelic style with a mid-nineties alternative style. Since there were so few tracks on their last EP, “Lion the Girl” is the first real chance most people will have listening to Midnight Movies. “Souvenirs” is the first track and it relies on a synthesizer heavily. This makes the overall output by Midnight Movies sound like a blend between 45 Grave, Sisters of Mercy, and Blondie. Essentially, there is little chance that Midnight Movies will not make it big based on this track alone. “Hide Away” continues with this goth-like sound, but adds a little bit of fifties greaser to the approach. The approach taken by Midnight Movies is comparable to that of the Yeah Yeah Years, and the similar lead singers between the two gives Midnight Movies another push.

I believe the act will be big here soon; the strong vocals are something that really distinguish the band from the other acts attempting to make a name for themselves. The slower tempo of “Ribbons” gives individuals another way to view Midnight Movies. The more dreamy style of Midnight Movies during this track will keep individuals’ butts in seats, as it is miles away from anything else that was previously on the track. During this song, the act aligns themselves with bands like Sixpence None The Richer. “Lion Song” is another track that starts off slow but is done in the same way as “Souvenirs”. Thus, Midnight Movies is able to create a goth-influenced track that has more than a passing Eastern influence. In one of the fastest tracks on “Lion The Girl”, Midnight Movies recall Stereophonics with their “Coral Den”. This track takes some of the fifties-influenced sound and blends it with hints of punk and goth.

The closest comparison that I can make would have to be with Switchblade Symphony. Midnight Movies are so many things that they easily could be important and salient to everyone that listeners to them. The fact that the majority of tracks on “Lion The Girl” could be singles only is a boon for the band. Here’s to hoping that Midnight Movies will be able to cut other albums with this same level of skill and ability in the future, as this album succeeds at all counts.

Top Tracks: Lion Song, Souvenirs

Rating: 7.8/10

Midnight Movies – Lion The Girl / 2007 New Line / 11 Tracks / http://www.midnightmovies.net / http://www.newlinerecords.com / Reviewed 25 February 2007


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