Sacred 13 – Jagged Regrets (CD)

Sacred 13 is an act that skillfully blends rock with a much harder and grittier sound, immediately inviting listeners in with “Secrets”. Perhaps most interesting has to be the grind the band gets into during the track and how exactly it interacts with the vocals laid down here. “Lifeless” keeps things interesting, with a little bit of electronic noise inserted into the track. What was a more instrumentally-lead band during “Secrets” throws a spotlight onto the deft vocals of the band.

“Out of Time” may just be an early forerunner for best track of “Jagged Regrets”, with the band tying together A Perfect Circle, Mudvayne, and Damageplan into a cohesive and cogent sound. “I Don’t Care” updates a “Load”-era Metallica with a little bit of Hellyeah and Godsmack, throwing sizzling guitars into the mix. Despite “Jagged Regrets” tipping the scale at 13 tracks, there is no sense that the act sputters or fails to impress even at the disc’s last gasps. Rather, the inclusion of an acoustic version of “Out of Time” and a complete retooling of the Beatles classic “I Am The Walrus” ensures that listeners will never want to take this disc out of their player.

“Somewhere” is the final track on “Jagged Regrets”, and it is the glue that really solidifies the whole album. It includes a more acoustic approach taken by the band, while there is a more intimate feel to the band’s output. Sacred 13 take listeners through the entirety of rock, metal, and even alternative music in each of the cuts on the album – nearly an hour awaits anyone that has happened upon “Jagged Regrets”. Where most rock albums tend towards sheer mediocrity with each subsequent track, Sacred 13 only puts their best possible foot forward on the album. Check “Jagged Regrets” out today if you find yourself to be a fan of any era or sub-genre of rock music.

Top Tracks: Secrets, Wash Away The Pain

Rating: 8.5/10

Sacred 13 – Jagged Regrets / 2010 Self / 13 Songs / /

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