Sept 30 Denver CO @ The Further Shop w/ Velnias

Oct 2 Milwaukee @ Borg Ward

Oct 3 Chicago IL @ Enemy w/ Locrian

Oct 4 Columbus OH @ Carabar w/ Bringers of Disease

Oct 5 Brooklyn NY @ Archeron w/ Archon and Bezoar

Oct 7 Boston MA @ Starlab w/ Ehnahre

Oct 8 Greenfield MA @ John Doe Jr. w/ Ehnahre

Oct 9 Ithaca NY @ Warehouse w/ Ehnahre

Oct 10 far Rockaway NY @ Red Light District w/ Ehnahre

Oct 11 Baltimore MD @ Golden West w/ Oak and Ehnahre

Oct 12 Chapel Hill NC @ Nightlight w/ Ehnahre

Oct 13 Charlotte NC @ The Milestone w Ehnahre

Oct 14 Atlanta GA @ Eyedrum w/ Ehnahre

Oct 15 Nashville TN @ Little Hamilton w/ Loss, Mourner and Ehnahre

Oct 16 Memphis TN @ Poplar Lounge w/ Ehnahre and Dead-I-On

Oct 17 Little Rock AR @ Downtown music w/ Pallbearer and Ehnahre

Oct 19 New Orleans LA @ Mudlark Theatre

Oct 20 Austin TX @ Red 7 w/ Javalina

Oct 21 Las Cruces NM @ The Trainyard w/ Yazata

Oct 22 Phoenix @ PHX w/ Gog

Oct 24 Las Vegas NV @ Brass Lounge w/ Dead Neon

Oct 25 Salt Lake City UT @ Burt’s Tiki w/ Subrosa

Oct 29-31 @ VAC Boise ID

Nov 4 Seattle WA @ The Comet w/(a) Story of Rats

Nov 6 Eugene OR @ The Gup w/ Rye Wolves and Vivimancer

Album Description:
Wolvserpent is the duo formerly known lightheartedly as Pussygutt, from
Boise, Idaho. The duo is comprised of long-time members Blake Green and
Brittany McConnell. Blood Seed is their 4th LP, though first using their new
moniker. Utilizing elements of the first three LPs, the new Wolvserpent LP
takes the disparate strains of experimentation the band is known and
respected for, and melds them seamlessly into their most cohesive and
cinematic vision thus far.

Blood Seed has been in the works for more than a year, being constantly
honed and refined both live and in the studio. The result is two side long
tracks, ³Wolv² and ³Serpent² that revel in a shimmering, dark gothic vision
of rural Northwestern solitude and bleakness. The A-side sways to and fro in
a perpetual state of trance while violin flourishes in the background hint
at the creeping menace of night¹s onward march toward total darkness. Soon
the crushing tone of Green¹s guitar veers forward in the dark, blasting
through the forest canopy, and the whole thing becomes ensconced in the
weight of massive doomed devastation and McConnell¹s militaristic percussive
punishment. The B-side summons the howling wolves before stretching out into
THEE doom riffage of the year like a warped Kyuss cassette submerged in a
watery grave. These are the ghosts of the uncivil dead.

One of the most creative, talented and unheralded acts on the 20 Buck Spin
roster, Wolvserpent intend to emerge from their self-imposed isolation and
spread the mortuary drape over the entire US throughout October embarking on
their first major tour. Blood Seed will, in its physical manifestation, be
an LP only release. Don¹t sleep on it.

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