Mt Gigantic – Gleanings and Gatherings (CD)

Mt Gigantic – Gleanings and Gatherings / 2007 Harlan / 8 Tracks / / / Reviewed 01 May 2007

“Get Well Cougher” is the first track on “Gleanings and Gathering”, and it is an interesting for all of the different tempos, loudnesses, and genres that Mt. Gigantic uses during the song. It is not enough that the and goes from quiet to heavy, but the track moves from being much slower to an orgy of chaotic arrangements. The band moves through indie rock, rock, and hints of funk and psychedelic in the creation of their opening track.

The band ensures that they will not get painted into a corner with this track, and even though the song is over seven minutes long, the end comes quickly. It honestly feels as if Mt Gigantic wrap up “Get Well Cougher” within 3 minutes. With the exception of “Fast Wind Slow Bear”, all of the tracks are on the long side of things. Luckily for listeners, Mt. Gigantic are talented enough to keep individuals involved. Whether it be the sedate opening of “Blessed Be The Bicycle”, which opens into shrill screaming (and in turn, moves into shrill guitar work), or any segment of “Who Is In? Who Is Out?”, Mt Gigantic know how to make a varying and intense approach accessible to the most timid and meek individuals. It is not that the band does tracks as much as they do miniature movements.

However, the most compelling of these tracks has to be the aforementioned “Blessed Be The Bicycle”, which has twinkling percussion to recreate an eye of the storm, before the screaming and guitars kick back in. Mt. Gigantic live must be a hell of an act, as it only takes two-tenths of a second for the band to go flip-mode on all of their fans. The band has improved on their prior albums in creating a minor masterpiece here. Forty minutes of music easily transfers into three hundred and twenty minutes when one figures in replay value; the band’s allure lies not only in their arrangements but in their overall demeanor during “Gleanings And Gatherings”. “Gleanings and Gathering” has all the trappings of a manic depressive and a schizophrenic all in one; the resulting music is marked by this, and enough variation is present to make everyone that listens in fans of Mt. Gigantic’s music. Give the disc a go if you like Zappa, Gong, or Momus; this is the same fancy even if the band does not exactly sound like those acts mentioned.

Top Tracks: A Bee, Use What’s Mine

Rating: 7.7/10



Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Art of Dying is the first act to be signed to Intoxication/Reprise Records, the label launched by David Draiman and Dan Donegan of the multi-platinum-selling band Disturbed.

First single from Art of Dying will be ‘Die Trying’ available on iTunes on November 2. Check out the lyric video for the track here:

“Art of Dying caught our attention with the great hooks that they write! Powerful vocals, great musicianship.
–David Draiman and Dan Donegan of Disturbed/Intoxication Records

Art of Dying recently wrapped up recording their debut worldwide release, produced by two-time Grammy nominee Howard Benson and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge to be released early 2011. The band has already built a dedicated international following touring with Disturbed and Seether, as well as performing at international festivals Download and The Virgin Festival alongside artists such as Tool, Metallica, and 3 Doors Down.

“heavy crowd pleasers”—Kerrang!

So what is the ‘Art of Dying’? It’s how you live your life, how you embrace it, and what you do with your time while you’re here. It’s your life to live, and that’s exactly what Art of Dying is doing.

Art of Dying is –
Jonny Hetherington – Vocals
Greg Bradley – Guitar
Jeff Brown – Drums
Cale Gontier – Bass
Tavis Stanley – Guitar

DORO: Fear No Evil – Ultimate Collector’s Edition Out Now On AFM Records; Band To Tour Germany With Motorhead In December

DORO PESCH, who completed a handful of U.S. tour dates as well as a successful debut appearance in Japan earlier this month, recently unleashed the Fear No Evil – Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set via Germany’s AFM Records. The stunning set includes the Fear No Evil album with different cover art and bonus tracks (“All We Are 2007” and “On My Own”) plus the Herzblut and Celebrate EPs, a gorgeous DORO poster print and sticker, all packed in a hard cover box.

PESCH released Fear No Evil in January 2009. The record went on to become her most successful release in nearly 20 years. Earning the #11 spot on the official German charts, the record finds PESCH returning to her musical roots. Songs like “Night Of The Warlock” and “Celebrate” breathe the spirit of the ’80s and find the Queen of Metal delivering her best vocal performance to date.

Fear No Evil Track List
1. Night Of The Warlock
2. Running From The Devil
3. Celebrate
4. Caught In A Battle
5. Herzblut
6. On The Run
7. Walking With The Angels
8. I Lay My Head
9. It Kills Me
10. Long Lost For Love
11. 25 Years
Bonus tracks:
12. All We Are (2007)
13. On My Own

Celebrate EP Track List
01. Celebrate
02. Celebrate (FeaturingSaxon’s Biff Byford)
03. Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)
04. The Night Of The Warlock
05. Rescue Me

Herzblut EP Track List
01. Herzblut (Single Version)
02. Herzblut (Album Version)
03. A Fond Le Coer (Herzblut French Version)
04. Te Doy Mi Corazon (Herzblut Spanish Version)
05. Eu Dou Teo Meu Coracao (Herzblut Portugese Version)
06. Share My Fate

Doro Pesch – vocals
Joe Taylor – guitars
Nick Douglas – bass
Oliver Palotai – keyboards
Johnny Dee – drums

In related news, DORO and her band mates will return to Russia for three dates in Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Stavropol later this month before ending the year on a very special tour opening for Motorhead (one of DORO’s all time favorite bands) on the German leg of the European tour! Immediately following those shows, DORO will embark on her own headlining shows through the end of the year.

DORO Fall/Winter Tour Dates 2010

11/30/2010 Phillipshalle – Düsseldorf, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/01/2010 AWD Hall – Hannover, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/03/2010 Trier Arena – Trier, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/04/2010 Schleyerhalle – Stuttgart, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/07/2010 Arena Treptow – Berlin, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/08/2010 Rhein-Main Halle – Wiesbaden, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/10/2010 Chemnitz Arena – Chemnitz, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/11/2010 Zenith – München, Germany w/ Mötorhead
12/15/2010 Aladin – Bremen, Germany
12/16/2010 Max – Kiel, German
12/18/2010 Stadthalle – Limburg, Germany
12/19/2010 Rockfabrik – Ludwigsburg, Germany
12/21/2010 Spectrum – Augsburg, Germany
12/22/2010 Rockhal – Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg
12/23/2010 Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
12/26/2010 Hirsch – Nürnberg, Germany
12/27/2010 Hessenhalle – Gießen, Germany
12/29/2010 Jurahalle – Crailsheim, Germany
12/30/2010 VAZ – Burglengenfeld, Germany

The Thermals New Single “Never Listen To Me” Out Now On Kill Rock Stars! West Coast Tour Dates Announced!

11.15 – San Francisco, CA @ Independent %

11.16 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey %

11.17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room

11.18 – Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress

11.19 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah

11.21 – Oakland, CA @ New Parish

* w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars

# w/ Coathangers

% w/ Night Marchers

Mr. T Experience – Yesterday Rules (CD)

Mr. T Experience – Yesterday Rules / 12 Tracks / 2004 Lookout Records / / Released 13 January 2004 / Reviewed 21 January 2004

Somewhat lighter of a release than I would expect from the Mr. T Experience, a band that I thought would perfectly espouse the Lookout ideal of a pop-punk band. There are still some remnants of the punk roots of this band, but a lot of it has been tempered by a richer sound and a greater move towards an alternative style of rock. During “Fucked Up on Life”, MTX use a xylophone-sounding instrument to provide a contrast to the rhythmic bass line. In a track that sounds eerily like “Joy to the World”, “Oh Just Have Some Faith in Me” uses a harder-edged guitar to offset the vintage vocals. Moving into the realm of pop-alternative like Pete Yorn and the Pixies, “Big Strange Beautiful Hammer” is an acoustic-led track that would seem just as place on AM radio as it would be in pretty much any time period. While every single individual would call MTX an pop-punk band, the music that is on “yesterday Rules” is completely contrary to that fact. This is music that is transcendent of genre, as it is of time and location. Each track is a well-crafted pop nugget that will most likely be ignored by mainstream radio, never mind the cohesiveness of the tracks. “The Boyfriend Box” moves back to the surf-pop of the sixties in the sense of vocal accompaniment and guitar track. While it is more of a mindless pop song than the rest of the rest of the disc, even with the distorted bridge, it still is more interesting than practically ninety percent of what is currently being played on pop radio. If an individual was saying that something solid and innovative in its outlook would be put out on Lookout Records, I would have said you were full shit shit. However, after quite a few years of re-releasing every old release (knowing that they had a lack of talent at the time), Lookout Records is finally putting out some good music. The Mr. T Experience might be pigeonholed as a punk band by some, but pick up “Yesterday Rules” and one will see a band that is not afraid to experiment with synthesizes, a large amount of acoustic guitar, and a number of genres that really put the disc outside of the small punk “box”. Even if some of the more punk tracks, “Elizabeth or Fight!” for example, sound like old Descendents and Husker Du, there is more than enough innovation on this disc to make up for a little coasting.

Rating : 9.1/10

Top Tracks : Big, Strange, Beautiful Hammer , Elizabeth or Fight

NeuFutur Introduce The Luyas

The Luyas is the project of Pietro Amato, Mathieu Charbonneau, Stefan Schneider, Jessie Stein and occasionally Sarah Neufeld. The band first came together somewhat haphazardly, the initial result of which was their debut album, Faker Death, which the band released independently, and then on Canadian boutique label, You’ve Changed Records.

In 2009 the band made a record with old friend and Canadian master, Jeff Mcmurrich, maker of the coolest records north of the border. Many hours of processing live sounds through boxes ensued. Torrid romances played themselves out, families crumbled, the economy weakened, Owen Pallett did orchestral arrangements, everybody cried. Life is life for everyone. The Luyas played with their boxes. Coffee, beer, whiskey, worse; All of this was processed through a space echo. Then it was the end of the summer.

So the band went to Europe. They toured extensively supporting Bell Orchestre. Sarah cut Jessie’s hair off into the Danube on the last day of the tour.

Look out for a new album to be released on Dead Oceans in 2011.

Mower – Not For You (CD)

Mower – Not For You / 2006 Suburban Noize / 15 Tracks / / / Reviewed 01 June 2006

Mower plays a brand of hard rock that quite often goes into hardcore and metal veins. For those that did not know, they are intricately related to Kottonmouth Kings. Where KMK has put forth a very intense brand of rap down on their last few albums, Mower does nearly the same thing during their “Not For You”. The style that is presented during “Not For You” is something that could conceivably make its way to popular rock radio, but has at its core an ear for arrangements that never disappears. A track like “End” shows the band’s influences, especially those in the hair metal domain.

The band has much to do with acts like Motley Crue during that track, and shift that influence to that of a Flea-like bass line for the next track, “Look Away”. In fact, during “Look Away” the hair-metal style comes back seriously, and hints of something harder (Anthrax) make their first entrance to the disc. What results during “Not For You” is an album that goes through all the styles of hard rock that have been popular in the last twenty years. The band goes through a number of styles but does not make it feel as if they are blindly searching for a sound; there is a nucleus of commonality that is present throughout. Something that seemed present during earlier tracks is a Buckethead-like influence to the guitar work; it is only during songs like “General Admission” that this style comes to prominence. The diversity of the band allows the Buckethead sound of “General Admission” to disappear to something that resembles the sludge-metal of Corrosion of Conformity during “U Turn”.

Overall, Mower are where rock should go in the next few years. While there are nods to a number of popular styles, the band does not settle into any specific one. This means that “Not For You” is a full album, and one that does not press on the same style twelve times. Mower is not a band that worships at the altar of Disturbved, and individuals have to be happy that this is not the case. Here’s to hoping more bands take the Mower approach to things, and that Mower will continue on in creating rock music that is broadly approachable and interesting, without the band losing their own distinct sound. Surubran Noize really knew how to pick bands when they signed Mower.

Top Tracks: General Admission, U Turn

Rating: 6.9/10


SKELETONWITCH Launch Third European Tour

11/12 Cleveland, OH- The Grog Shop
11/13 Athens, OH- The Union
11/19 Columbus, OH- Ruby Tuesday # (no Withered)
11/20 Toledo, OH- Frankies # (no Withered)
11/21 Dekalb, IL- Otto’s Nightclub # (no Withered)
11/22 Lansing, MI- Mac’s Bar #

11/23 Windsor, ON- Chubby Pickle #

11/24 London, ON- London Music Hall #

11/25 Hamilton, ON- Absinthe #

11/26 Kingston, ON- Time To Laugh#

11/27 Rochester, NY- Montage Music Hall #
11/28 New Haven, CT- Lily’s Pad at Toad’s Place #

11/29 Frederick, MD- Krug’s Place #
11/30 Greensboro, NC- Legitimate Business #

12/2 Oklahoma City, OK- Conservatory #

12/3 Denton, TX- Rubbergloves Rehearsal #

12/4 Austin, TX- Red 7 #
12/5 San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit %
12/6 Dallas, TX – The Door %
12/7 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live %
12/9 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre %
12/10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room %
12/11 Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbit’s %
12/12 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade %
12/14 Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s Downunder %
12/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar %
12/16 New York, NY – Santos Party House %
12/17 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church %
12/18 Clifton Park, NY – Northern Lights %
12/19 Richmond, VA – Canal Club %
12/20 Nashville, TN – Rocketown %
# w/ Withered, Landmine Marathon
% w/ Job For a Cowboy, Misery Index

SKELETONWITCHcontinue to support their latest album “Breathing the Fire,” which was recorded in Seattle with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, High On Fire, Soundgarden). The record debuted at #151 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart and #2 on the magazine’s Heatseekers’ Chart.


Within The Ruins are currently out on The Portals Tour. Also on the road with them is Arsonists Get All The Girls, Ion Dissonance, And Hell Followed With, Destruction of a Rose and Struc/tures. The tour is being presented by Malus Colthing.

Within The Ruins released their new album Invade on August 31st through Victory Records. You can purchase a copy here.

Do you like Rock Band? Do you like Within The Ruins? Do you want to play Within The Ruins on Rock Band?

10/31/10 Springfield, Virginia @ Jaxx
11/1/10 Jermyn, Pennsylvania @ Eleanor Rigby’s
11/2/10 Vineland, New Jersey @ Hanger 84
11/3/10 Howell, New Jersey @ The Dippy Dome
11/4/10 Patchogue, New York @ Club Karma
11/5/10 Albany, New York @ Bogie’s
11/6/10 Manchester, New Hampshire @ Rocko’s
11/7/10 Holyoke, Massachusetts @ Waterfront Tavern
11/8/10 Danbury, Connecticut @ Heirloom Arts Theatre
11/9/10 Buffalo, New York @ Broadway Joe’s
11/10/10 Toledo, Ohio @ Frankie’s
11/11/10 Southgate, Michigan @ The Modern Exchange
11/12/10 Bartlett, Illinois @ Local Noise
11/13/10 Jefferson, South Dakota @ Jefferson Community Center
11/14/10 St. Paul, Minnesota @ The Space
11/15/10 Wichita, Kansas @ Eagles Lodge
11/16/10 Denver, Colorado @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
11/17/10 Boise, Idaho @ The Venue
11/18/10 Seattle, Washington @ Studio Seven
11/20/10 Orangevale, California @ Club Retro

Movies With Heroes – Nothing Here is Perfect (CD)

Movies With Heroes – Nothing Here is Perfect / 2006 CI Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 March 2006

Movies With Heroes do not play the same style of music that most emo bands push upon their listener.s In fact, a track like “Wake Up” is emotional rock, done with a style of music that more approximately meshes with rock than anything close to “emo”. In their defense, Movies With Heroes come forth with a brand of rock that is emotionally heavy, to the point that the lead vocalist (Keith) is one of the key modifiers of mood during the track. The guitar work present during a track like “Ink” is perhaps what will draw listeners in to Movies With Heroes’ sound.

The rest of the track is simply pedestrian, but the vocals and the shrill guitars transform the song into something that is beyond belief. “Nothing” is the track that Movies With Heroes need to make it to the next level; the back and forth sound of the track is enough to rekindle any interest in the disc, regardless of the interests of the listeners. Hints of R.E.M. mix along with Interpol and Jets to Brazil to make something substantive, which is what Movies With Heroes need to break it big. “Believe” continues the strong streak of Movies With Heroes, which mixes a catchy tempo with a guitar line that has not been done to death. The band goes toward Weezer but only takes influence; this is not a band that will allow interests to loom too large on a disc. “The Wave” shows that Movies With Heroes is at least at the level of Saves the Day; every single thing that the band does is without fault on “Nothing Here is Perfect”.

Each subsequent track on “Nothing Here is Perfect” continues the rich tradition of Movies With Heroes track, something amazing considering the fact that the band comes strongly in a musical format that has been done to death for the last decade. “Need It Now” is another of a long string of tracks done by Movies With Heroes that can be called an unqualified success, and the track shows that the band will succeed with music nuts as well as casual fans. Movies With Heroes is a band that has not gotten the publicity that they deserved; chances are that the music put forth on “Nothing Here Is Perfect” is solid enough to merit a second listen. With about 75% of the tracks here being ultimately radio-friendly, Movies With Heroes has a hit on their hands.

Top Tracks: The Wave, Ink

Rating: 7.1/10