Benny Hill – The Complete Megaset (DVD)

Anglophiles and fans of the Yakety Sax rejoice: A&E Home Video has just released the DVD megaset you have been waiting. Benny Hill, The Complete Megaset, is 58 episodes, parceled out over 18 DVDs.

This hilarious, often raunchy set covers two decades of the Benny Hill show from 1969 to 1989. Every single episode, including some skits that never aired in the U.S. is crammed into this box set.

Aired in the U.S. on the normally staid PBS, The Benny Hill Show was goofy, occasionally sophomoric (scantily clad women were his bread and butter), but strikingly original and often laugh-out-loud funny.

This massive DVD set, out just in time for the Holidays, also includes a documentary on Hill and the show, a trivia quiz and an A&E Biography episode profiling Hill, among other extras.

Benny Hill – The Complete Megaset/18 DVDs/A&E Home Video/2900 Mins.

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