Bill Maher – But I’m Not Wrong (DVD)

Captured in February of this year in Raleigh, North Carolina, “But I’m Not Wrong” really has Maher at eir very best. While some of this 80 minute show may seem to be treading bare ground, the skill of Maher’s craft is enough to have viewers focused in through the entirety of the DVD. It is not only eir voice that is a hit; facial mannerism and body language is linked to that distinct voice to make for a whole-body performance that does not fail to disappoint.

For those viewers that are a little afraid of what Maher stands for (heady comedy), there is not a sense of smugness or otherwise haughty airs put on. Rather, there seems to be enough background material present for each of the punchlines here that fans of all ages will be able to understand what is going on.

The one hold up that could conceivably be had with showing “But I’m Not Wrong” to a younger audience would have to be the somewhat blue material that Maher takes on at points. While by no means vulgar, there are jokes about masturbation, defecation, and other things that parents may not want their kids to see. However, where a number of comedy specials seem to run out of gas half-way through, “But I’m Not Wrong” is a performance for the ages. Names may change, but the hard-hitting and always funny style of Maher is enough to ensure that this disc gets a number of views before it is relegated to one’s film library.

Rating: 7.7/10

Bill Maher – But I’m Not Wrong / 2010 HBO / 80 Minutes / /

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