Blue Mountain State – Season One (DVD)

If you’ve never heard of the Spike TV show Blue Mountain State then you’re clearly not a 14-year-old boy.

The half-hour comedy centers around the players and hangers-on of the Blue Mountain State football team The Goats. The humor, though inarguably juvenile, is occasionally funny. Sophomoric sex jokes are par for the course, but when you think about it, a comedy classic like Animal House was built around sophomoric sex jokes.

Few TV shows have successfully managed to take the humor of the American Pie and Van Wilder movies and move them to the small screen. The fact that the show calls the man-centric Spike TV home certainly has contributed to that transition. Outside of the U.S., the show has been picked up by MTV stations across the globe.

The series has already gotten renewed for a second season.

Blue Mountain State – Season One/2010/3 DVDs/Lionsgate/286 Mins.

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