Gormiti: Lords of Nature (Nintendo DS)

I know I must be getting old. I was not even aware that Gormiti: Lords of Nature was based off a children’s television franchise. For those like me, this does not mean that Gormiti: Lords of Nature is a title that can be slept on. Rather, it represents a black sheep in terms of contenders for the best NDS game of the year. Also released for the Wii, Gormiti represents a tale in which players take up the role of Lords of Air, Sea, Earth, or Forest.

They do this in defense of the island of Gorm, which Konami has illustrated to represent a number of distinct climes. Knowing full well the limitations of the console, it feels as if every special attack, enemy, and building has been hand-made for this title. Whether it be an action, RPG, or puzzle game, Gormiti: Lords of Nature provides something for everyone. Of particular note would have to be the seeking missions that players must complete before they enter into the puzzle-solving side of the game.

Taken together, they represent a fluidity of gameplay that ensures higher amounts of replay than similar games in this genre. In much the same way, Gormiti: Lords of Nature bounces back and forth through normal gameplay and FMV sequences. This has the effect of bringing the player out of the straight gameplay and really establishestheir storyline goal as something tremendously important. Overall, Konami has ensured that players should never ignore a port of a cartoon or movie again. This is a nice little effort that will continue to find its way into my NDS in the months to come, and while I was not familiar with the show to that point, I may have to pick up a few episodes.

Rating: 8.4/10

Gormiti: Lords of Nature (Nintendo DS) / 2010 Konami / http://www.konami.com/games/gormiti

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