Introducing We Are Trees

We Are Trees is comprised of Virginia Beach native James Nee and his supporting band, who have taken the lo-fi scene by storm and flipped it upside down.

With production that nurtures fidelity as a living, breathing art, this Virginia Beach band’s sound lies somewhere between the plains of Middle America and the cliffs of a Western Coast. The vocals, while drawing comparisons to Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, are a mastery all their own, with sweeping “ohs” and cradling lyrics. And the finality of We Are Trees is that when all these elements are combined–the wind and whirl of the violin, the clicks and snaps where drumsticks sound like falling trees, the sharp, sophisticated acoustic guitar, and the ebullient voice of James Nee–there is little else to know than the need to keep listening.

Boyfriend is available now for digital download, while vinyl pre-orders will be received by the release date, November 9th. The EP is $12 for both vinyl and digital versions, and $4 for digital alone. You can check it out here

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