Mini Mansions’ sixties psych in video form (Kiddie Hypnogogia); debut album out Nov. 2 on Rekords Rekords

“Mini Mansions is the side project of Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman, and as far as offshoots go, it ranks up there with Jack White’s The Dead Weather.” – Seattle Weekly

“Are they a psych-cabaret act? Nightmare-fueled big top rockers? Sixties popsters run through a meat grinder? Their self-titled debut album, sways through it all as rubbery and fuzzy basslines bounce along with piano pounding, driving drums and ethereal, wafting vocals.” – LA Weekly

“This is soaring and sprawling and harmonious and key-licious…” – Oh My Rockness

“…pop songs with cabaret chords and peppy keys, scattered liberally with terrific breakdowns.” – Pitch Weekly

“Mini Mansions’ full-length self-titled debut is psychedelic, catchy, ambitious, and wonderfully strange and eerie.” – Stay Thirsty

“Sonically, Mini Mansions dalliance in pulpy psychedelia and quirky arrangement might plausibly conjure a bit of comparison to Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear while at other times quite dissimilarly, recalling the spindly vocal styling of west-coast compatriot Elliot Smith.” – All Our Noise

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