Monty Are I – Wall of People (CD)

About 10 seconds into Monty Are I’s “Wall of People, I fell in love. This disc is going to be in my stereo for months to come. Genius, only word for it really. But since I have to give you 400 words on it, allow me to try elaborating. It all started on track 1, “Between the Sheets”. This track comes right at you full force, an excellent opening. With squealing guitars and a fast paced beat with a super-catchy chorus, this song had me hooked and in for the ten songs left to come. Throughout this album, we find some awesome randomly interjected concepts such as the video game opening of “Castle Bound”, the brass instruments at the end of “Between the Sheets”, and the full out choir in the fade out of “O Brother.” Repetitive as I may sound, these pieces are genius.

Let’s take a moment to discuss “Dublin Waltz.” This song is the best example I think I have ever heard in which the artist takes me to a place using a different style of music and amazing lyrics. After the amazing hook, I feel the lead’s exhaustion trying to win over this woman he wants…I am rather exhausted myself from waltzing along. If you do not completely respect lead singer Steve Aiello’s range after this song, we are not friends. Sorry. I like the feeling of “Anchor and Hope” also because while it features some pretty neat synth and sampling, I still get a tad of 80s hair band vocals. Another awesome note on this 11 track masterpiece would be the pulse opening with keys on “Island City”, which picks up on the next track, “Metropolis” but I am not bored by it…the two songs head two entirely different directions. “Island City” calms the instrumentals to showcase some amazing vocals and harmony, while “Metropolis” opens up into a full jam with awesome lyrics.

Love the piano on “In This Legacy.” Awesome transition into powerful guitars and a solid chorus. The opening of “Tie Off Your Veins” blows my mind. Beautiful yet subtle harmony carrying through the verses. The album closes in “Only the Weak”, once again a fusion of some ska type instrumentals but 80s vocals. Loving it. Monty Are I, your album was one of the finer 40 minutes and 23 seconds of my life. I was captivated all the way until the last note, and couldn’t pause it for even a moment. Wall of People is one of the best albums of all time. Thank you sirs, may I have another?

Top Tracks: Dublin Waltz, Metropolis

Rating: 9.3/10

Monty Are I- Wall of People / 2006 Stolen Transmission / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 27 May 2007


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