Moros Eros – I Saw The Devil Last Night and Now The Sun Shines Bright (CD)

Moros Eros is an act that has a lot of flavor to the tracks that they release, but struggles hard to find a sound for the entirety of “I Saw The Devil”. It seems as if each track on this album shows Moros Eros trying to do something different, whether it be the dance punk of a song like “Short of the Shore” or the grunge meets seventies rock of “I Saw The Devil Last Night”. The band is drastically different from much of the acts that are on Victory Records, which is definitely something that shows both that Victory is attempting to diversify and that the act is not sounding like everything else that is on the market.

Each of the songs on “I Saw The Devil” is ready for popular radio, but whether individuals that are in the know at college radio stations pick up this album is something to be seen. One of the key influences that Moros Eros show throughout the entirety of this album is that of early eighties pop music, with hints of The Police, Modern English, and Peter Gabriel all making heavy indentations on the overall sound on the band’s music. The one thing that can be said about Moros Eros is that there may need to be a step taken forward, to allow the band to pick one or two different styles and go deeper into their styles than is present on this album.

For example, “Insane and Speechless” would be a perfect tack for Moros Eros to take. There are hints of Atom and His Package present, but this is moderated by influences like Rise Against and Strung Out. Another tack which Moros Eros could conceivably take would be what happens during “I Will Come Back Again”, a track that is highly emotional while still having a driving beat and an intricate sound that will undoubtedly bring more listeners into the band’s fandom. The band is just starting to get their name out there, and this album is the perfect beginning to what could be a level of fame that is only achieved by acts like A Static Lullaby or A Wilhelm Scream. While it might make more sense to go and choose one or two paths for Moros Eros, the first album is solid throughout its somewhat scattered run. Find a copy if you can and keep a set of ears on Moros Eros.

Top Tracks: Make Me An Angel, Insane and Speechless

Rating: 5.8/10

Moros Eros – I Saw The Devil Last Night and Now The Sun Shines Bright / 2006 Victory / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 27 December 2006


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