Mouth Sewn Shut – Pandemic = Solution (CD)

Mouth Sewn Shut – Pandemic = Solution / 2006 Rodent Popsicle / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 07 July 2006

Obviously, Toxic Narcotic is one of the best crust bands out in the genre today. For those that do not know, Bill and Will from Toxic Narcotic are in this band. Mouth Sewn Shut seems to be a little heavier, more metal-based type of crust act. However fast and furious Mouth Sewn Shut might be, tracks like “Burning Them Down” have a tremendous amount of harmony residing under their gruff metal exterior. Mouth Sewn Shut may have the metal influence down, but there are hints of classic punk acts like The Misfits present in the songs of “Pandemic = Solution”.

Also present, however, are the influences of earlier metal bands like Megadeth (“Rust in Peace”-era) and sludge acts both in the format of Corrosion of Conformity and of the style that would ultimately be what is released on Hydra Head Records. The production is middling, meaning that each of the tracks are captured well with only a little bit of fuzz at the higher registers. “Whether or Not” shows that Mouth Sewn Shut has some other influences, namely ska, in a track that is much more outwardly melodic than anything else on the disc. The gruff vocals are still present, but the guitars seem to have taken a vacation in the Caribbean for a length of time before going into the studio.

Tracks on “Pandemic = Solution” go by quickly but have a track length that is incongruous with the majority of crust and thrash punk, which usually make themselves out to be the Johns to the music whore, depositing their seed well before their session is up. In contrast, Mouth Sewn Shut rides the prostitute until the proper end; each track feels full and as if the band is confident that everything has been said. “Stealing From You” is another track that breaks free from the formula that the band has loosely adhered to previously on “Pandemic = Solution”, by throwing a guitar line into the mix that any metalhead would be proud. Each of the tracks on this disc has something qualitatively different to give to its listeners; while each of the tracks is empirically solid, individuals should pick up Mouth Sewn Shut’s “Pandemic = Solution” for their propensity to experiment with their music. This experimentative nature makes classic tracks like “Pandemic = Solution”, which showcases the ska influence of “Whether or Not” with a responsive set of drums and a bass line that builds throughout the track. Mouth Sewn Shut is a side project that is as least as good as the original.

Top Tracks: Pandemic = Solution, Whether or Not

Rating: 7.1/10


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