Movies With Heroes – Nothing Here is Perfect (CD)

Movies With Heroes – Nothing Here is Perfect / 2006 CI Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 March 2006

Movies With Heroes do not play the same style of music that most emo bands push upon their listener.s In fact, a track like “Wake Up” is emotional rock, done with a style of music that more approximately meshes with rock than anything close to “emo”. In their defense, Movies With Heroes come forth with a brand of rock that is emotionally heavy, to the point that the lead vocalist (Keith) is one of the key modifiers of mood during the track. The guitar work present during a track like “Ink” is perhaps what will draw listeners in to Movies With Heroes’ sound.

The rest of the track is simply pedestrian, but the vocals and the shrill guitars transform the song into something that is beyond belief. “Nothing” is the track that Movies With Heroes need to make it to the next level; the back and forth sound of the track is enough to rekindle any interest in the disc, regardless of the interests of the listeners. Hints of R.E.M. mix along with Interpol and Jets to Brazil to make something substantive, which is what Movies With Heroes need to break it big. “Believe” continues the strong streak of Movies With Heroes, which mixes a catchy tempo with a guitar line that has not been done to death. The band goes toward Weezer but only takes influence; this is not a band that will allow interests to loom too large on a disc. “The Wave” shows that Movies With Heroes is at least at the level of Saves the Day; every single thing that the band does is without fault on “Nothing Here is Perfect”.

Each subsequent track on “Nothing Here is Perfect” continues the rich tradition of Movies With Heroes track, something amazing considering the fact that the band comes strongly in a musical format that has been done to death for the last decade. “Need It Now” is another of a long string of tracks done by Movies With Heroes that can be called an unqualified success, and the track shows that the band will succeed with music nuts as well as casual fans. Movies With Heroes is a band that has not gotten the publicity that they deserved; chances are that the music put forth on “Nothing Here Is Perfect” is solid enough to merit a second listen. With about 75% of the tracks here being ultimately radio-friendly, Movies With Heroes has a hit on their hands.

Top Tracks: The Wave, Ink

Rating: 7.1/10


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