Seek And Find (iPad App)

Hide and Seek games are a dime a dozen in the AppStore these days, but this time around, with “Seek And Find”, we are treated to a good quality mini-game style game. This game made for the iPad is quite a joy for me and my significant other. We tested it this evening and found it to be rather fun and entertaining. The game play is simple enough, though challenging. The graphics are very clean, and the music pleasant.

To kick off this short list, I’d like to talk about the simple but challenging game play. This hide and seek game includes all sorts of different levels that beg you to do different tasks per level. For instance easy mode starts out with “Find me” and shows you a picture of the person’s bust you are to find. Level one is a little too simple. It only shows you one person below. The next level shows you the bust you’re looking for and says to find both of me. This time there are a few more faces to browse through and you have to find two of the same that matches the required bust above. This isn’t too difficult, but it does get more complicated as you go. Sometimes you have to “juggle” the iPad in order to make the characters on the screen move, and maybe who you’re looking for will “juggle” even more than the rest, or maybe the person will stay still while the others move. The games get more complicated as you go, and your over all timer reduces, meaning each second you spend is that much more precious. The challenges themselves were fun, though both my significant other and I found the strobing levels to be frustrating and headache inducing. This is a fun game for us adults, but I’m sure that younger children would have a ball with this game as well. They also have profiles so that you and your family can play against each others high scores.

The graphics of this game are clean and simple. The faces are rather reminiscent of the MB game “Guess Who” that I used to play as a kid. They have a sort of cute but innocent charm to them. Even the Barron looking guy with the monocle. The back grounds are sort of plain, but that’s good in this kind of game. That means that the game play itself doesn’t get even more confusing just because you can’t seem to figure out what is background and what are game elements. The faces that are hear appear to be hand drawn, and have a very nice style to them. I do tend to think that 3-D sprites or CGI would have been far over the top and would have made this game loose some of it’s charm.

Speaking of charm; the music in game is rather charming as well. Something about it sort of reminds me of those old Tom & Jerry Cartoons, or if anyone besides me has seen the now dated Johnny Depp movie, “Benny & Joon”. There is a spot in the movie where Sam, played by Johnny Depp is goofing off in a dinner, and the juke box is blasting out some music that plays off what Johnny is doing on screen very well. This game also does that very well. The music and the game play match up nicely. Though they may wish to take a hint from some older games like Super Mario Bros. and have the music either change key or speed up as the clock ticks off the last few seconds to sort of add to the comic nature of failing.

Some other elements I’d like to see come into play here in this game would be FaceBook or Open Feint integration so we can play against high score boards nation or world wide, and not just passing it about in the comfort of our own homes. I’d also like to see some sort of profile picture editor where you could pick from your photos a picture of you or something that you like, and crop it to become a profile icon. That might be a little hard for kids to operate, but maybe not. Kids are smart these days. Over all this game was a good one, and a nice find. Gnosis Games earns themselves a good rating today.

Game received an 8/10 rating – on a ten point scale.

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