The Hollywood Sqaures (Nintendo Wii)

There are very few game show games worth their salt. In most cases, these types of titles merely consist of a mini-game that in some nominal way resembles the format or the style of the game show that they are aping. However, the Nintendo Wii version of popular game show re-do The Hollywood Squares seems to merit additional playing. Whether it be the colorful graphics, intuitive game play, or catchy vocal work, there is something that fans of the show and of video games in general can appreciate. As is the case with the actual game show, players of The Hollywood Squares have to either make a line of three X or Os, here designated by C-list celebrities like Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Garrett, Kathy Griffin, and Martin Mull.

It is up to the players themselves to determine whether the celebrities’ answers are correct or are just goofy responses to the question. Whether it is going up against an AI or a rela life opponent, some of the answers given by the celebrities will require some serious education (or good guessing skills) by the players. The additional presence of different video clips will further increase the amount that players can get into the game.

The game is priced at a point – a hair under $30 – that makes it easier for kids to ask for and parents to find money in their budget for. Furthermore, it represents admission that there may not be as intricate of work done here as would be the case with another Ubisoft title (like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, for example). While this by no means represents admission that the game is any less in quality, it shows that Ubisoft is doing their hardest to make all of their titles accessible for individuals that may not be swimming in cash right now.

Rating: 8.3/10

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