Truth or Lies (Xbox 360)

It seems as if a number of the different game shows (and traditional party games) that have been transformed into video games have been particularly poor. Whether it be early games about Classic Concentration or Jeopardy, or slightly newer titles about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, it seems as if the titles are mainly made to capitalize on the next big thing. However, THQ has seemed to put their all in their latest title, Truth or Lies. The title uses input through the traditional controller and the microphone to make for a more immersive experience, allowing up to 8 different people the chance to be marveled at the game’s different game styles.

Perhaps best in terms of functionality here would have to be the different subsets of games and activities available to different demographics. Rather than risk providing raunchy material to those that may be too young to see it, Truth or Lies allows players to decided whether the crew consists of teens, adults, families, kids, or even couples. Aside from actually playing the game, the graphics and specific nuances of the title will have players coming back for more.

As the title is crafted to feel like a video game, there seems to be an hyper-colored and bright environment that mimics real-life shows. More than that, goof-ball awards and an always-humorous outcast make for a fun title. While we cannot vouch for the title on either the Playstation 3 or the Nintendo Wii, I am confident that THQ has ensured a flawless transition between consoles that will provide a similarly enjoyable experience for all. With a very competitive price point (a hair under $40), the title has a tremendous worth to how much it may cost. If you want a solid party game for any of the next generation consoles, Truth or Lies should be seriously considered as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Rating: 8.3/10

Truth or Lies (Xbox 360) / 2010 THQ /

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