Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD Set)

Many shows start to grind gears by the time they get to as many seasons as Two and a Half Men, but this DVD set should show that there is some gas left in the show’s tank. As evidence by the ratings it still generates, many people are familiar with the general premise of the show – Charlie Sheen’s womanizing Charles and the eternally mopey Alan, played by Jon Cryer attempt to raise Alan’s child, Jacob (Angus T. Jones). This season introduces two different characters to the cast, Lyndsay and Eldridge MacElroy. Lyndsey, played by Courtney Thorne-Smith, steps up eir craft after stints in both Melrose Place and Ally McBeal by taking on the position as Alan’s beau. Graham Patrick-Martin (The Bill Engvall Show) adds to the cast by being Jacob’s friend; while not integral to the character development this season, Graham’s chops are nothing to scoff at.

With a season ender that throws everything in the air (“This Is Not Gonna End Well” has Charlie arrested for smashing eir car into a police cruiser), this DVD set will have viewers on edge until they can either fire up the DVR or pick up the Eighth Season box set next year.

There are a few additional features on this DVD set, as well, that dramatically increase the value of this release. Fans will be in stitches with the gagr reel that is present, while the second cut has a number of Charlie’s ex-loves dish dirt on every side of the character. Make sure to pick up this DVD set before too many more of the season 8 episodes have aired; coming back on in late September, the show has soared from the steam provided it by each of this season’s 22 episodes.

Rating: 7.5/10

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season / 2010 Warner Home Video / 484 Minutes /

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