AC/DC: High Voltage Rock ‘N’ Roll – The Ultimate Illustrated History by Phil Sutcliffe (Voyageur Press)

For those about to rock… might want to pick up this bio/coffee table book on AC/DC.

There have been few rock bands as polarizing as AC/DC that have managed to stay relevant across three decades. Call them juvenile, sophomoric, three-chord rock stars or see them as one of the last few torch barriers for unpretentious rock, but there is no denying that Australia’s biggest musical export knows how to write a memorable song.

The book comes with hundreds of photos, playbills, backstage passes, etc. from the band’s early club days up to their latest million-plus selling release, and is packed with collected interviews from throughout their career. The author, Phil Sutcliffe has been covering the band since their salad days and includes plenty of quotes from his earlier magazine interviews. Though most of the stories and quotes are taken either from other bios on the bands or old magazine and newspaper interviews, some are bound to sound familiar to hardcore fans, but unless you’re the mom of Angus and Malcolm Young and you’ve been scrapbooking ever single word written about the band since day one, some of these anecdotes will be new.

Along with the written history and photos, the book includes stellar sidebars on every release the band has ever put out, and even a run down on the specifics of the equipment that band uses, making High Voltage Rock ‘N’ Roll a necessary tome for every AC/DC completist.

AC/DC: High Voltage Rock ‘N’ Roll – The Ultimate Illustrated History by Phil Sutcliffe/Voyageur Press/2010/Hardcover/224 pages

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