Conditions – Fluorescent Youth (CD)

There is a contemporary flair to Conditions’ effort on “Fluorescent Youth” that will ensure the widest possible listenership picks up this album. Where there have been a number of different musical movements attempting to strive for dominance in the course of the last few years, Conditions deftly tie together these different style into a cogent and unique style. From when the album begins with “The End of Progression” all the way out to “Illuminati”, Conditions do not let their listeners have more than a second to catch their breath.

“Better Life” is an integral track. While it does not contain the opening salvos that “The End of Progression” has, it allows listeners to hear a decidedly different side of the band. For example, the instrumental progression of the song allows both sides of the band (the aforementioned guitars, drums, and the like along with the vocals) to shine. This scintillating, never know where the band will take listener feel to “Fluroescent Youth” impresses me throughout. Where many hard rock bands tend to brutally club listeners over the head with the exact same style ten or eleven times over the course of the album, Conditions are able to make an album that has high replay value.

While every effort on “Fluorescent Youth” is a further nail in the coffin of bland and washed-out rock acts, I can only imagine their live set builds off of their successes here. Luckily for fans, Conditions are currently out on a tour with VersaEmerge. From now until the middle of December, they will be coming around your neck of the woods and showcasing all the talents that made “Fluorescent Youth” so solid.

Top Tracks: The End of Progression, When It Won’t Save You

Rating: 8.4/10

Conditions – Fluorescent Youth / 2010 Good Fight Records / 11 Tracks / /

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