Dragon’s Lair Trilogy (Nintendo Wii)

Dragon’s Lair is a title that pretty much any avid gamer should be intimately familiar with, and I feel that a number of younger gamers have not had the chance to properly familiarize themselves with these titles. Destineer has done the whole of the gaming world a favor with their Dragon’s Lair Trilogy, a Nintendo Wii titles that bundles together the original Dragon’s Lair with Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp. The titles themselves benefit from a clarity that has been previously unseen with these Bluth releases, owing to the increased technological power of the Wii and the care taken by Destineer in porting over these titles. For those players that just wish to have the story lay out as the writers originally intended, a “Watch Mode” is present and will give a tremendously different perspective than merely playing the titles would normally allow.

With these additional modes and sharpening up of audio and video quality, a normal Wii price point would make sense. However, Destineer has pegged the Dragon’s Lair Trilogy at $30 – ensuring that anyone that wishes to play these historic games will be able to do so. For those that had a great handle on these titles the first time that they were released, differing difficulty levels will ensure that even the most veteran gamer will have to remain on their toes.

While the original Dragon’s Lair is a fairly linear type of adventure, both Space Ace and Time Warp give further twists and turns to the title that increase game play considerably. While the game play value does dip after players complete each title, the beauty of Bluth’s animation and skillful storytelling will have players come back for more, just as it has for the last twenty-five or so years.

Rating: 8.2/10

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy (Nintendo Wii) / 2010 Destineer / http://www.destineergames.com

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